About Zebra Girl

Zebra Girl is a monochromatic urban fantasy, the story of a young woman forced into a supernatural lifestyle and the people who know her (human or otherwise). Transformed by a magical fluke into a demonic creature, Sandra Eastlake vacillates between humanity and malevolence as she slips to extremes, trying to learn a balance before choosing between friends and fellow monsters.

- Cast of Characters -

One of the older online comics, Zebra Girl began in the Spring of 2000 and has been mutating ever since. I'm Joe England, writer and artist and proprietor of Obsessive Thoughts.

You might furthermore be interested in Zandra's Journal, an "ask blog" spinoff inspired by Zebra Girl's Patreon campaign, though if you've just begun to read through the archive you may want to wait a while... spoilers, right?

In any case, welcome. Enjoy. Beware.

Don't you roll your eyes at me.