Fan Fiction

A Comment Left Under Page 721
by Fishamaphone

Jack had been poring through Tomie all day. All week, really. He'd barely left his room, and Crystal couldn't quite bring herself to actually knock on his door, though her knuckles came closer and closer every time she passed.

But Jack knew that if he was to come to any significant understanding of the world he'd flung himself and his friends into, he would need to practically memorize this book. His book. His Tomie.

The hour grew later and later, to the point where it was just turning the corner and becoming earlier again, as Jack pushed his hair out of his bloodshot eyes and brought himself and his book from the desk to the bed. Conserve energy. Don't waste it on keeping upright, just worry about keeping eyes open, about reading the next passage.

Chin propped on hands, Jack let the words on the page sink in to his face. His whole face. They entered his eyes, but did not continue on to his brain. They meandered a bit through his sinuses, flaring out to his cheeks, and dropping ever so slightly down his throat before a shallow breath would push them out of his mouth.

The words never did reach his brain, but they did pull him closer, closer to the pages they came from. And shortly Jack's nose found itself nestled in the crook of a page. His eyes closed, cutting off the inflow of words, and his mouth only mumbled the few syllables remaining in his system before it closed as well.

When Jack awoke, minutes later, hours later, days later, he couldn't be sure, it was to the rising and falling of the pages beneath him. A stray arcane letter fell from his lips as he righted himself and rubbed the back of his head.

There was another body lying there with him. And, he realized, his nose had not been nestled in a book.