Fan Fiction

A Tribute To A Zebra Girl
by Aladdin-Sane

Of crossed stripes and purple hair
Her acid tears speak of despair;
She sees us through a demon's eye
And thinks how life has gone awry.

Her jagged voice and claws reveal
The screaming depths of this ordeal.
But she continues day by night,
Conceals herself from human sight.

Her home is but her prison cell
To normal kind she's said farewell,
And only by the eventide
Will she take risks to go outside.

Her only grace, a poignant soul
Lost in violence she can't control
And powers felt to be arcane
By the few friends who keep her sane.

She living proof of the cliche
That all the heroes that allay
The tedium and boring strife
Have got themselves a scary life,

Yet though she may a monster be
I think that we can all agree
As we but watch her tale unfurl
There's nothing like a zebra girl.