Fan Fiction

by Skullduggerant

MaryMcRockShard has logged on. 

MaryMcRockShard: Come on, where are you?... 

Total login time: 136:34:58 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit has logged on. 

MaryMcRockShard: GTCR! I don't believe it!! You're back!!! 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: What do you mean? 

MaryMcRockShard: You haven't signed on in so long! I was starting to get worried. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Really? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes, really! It's been months... 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Don't give me that ellipsis. I've been busy. 

MaryMcRockShard: Jeez, sorry. What's an ellipsis? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: That triple-dot thing. I thought you were well-read. 

MaryMcRockShard: Well, fine, if you're going to be like that... 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: There it is again. There must be an epidemic going around. 

MaryMcRockShard: So I'm guessing you had a bad day? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Yes. 

MaryMcRockShard: I'm sorry. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Quite a few bad days, actually. 

MaryMcRockShard: Do you want to talk about it? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Maybe another time. Right now I've got a headache and I don't really want to think about it any more...I'm tired of thinking. 

MaryMcRockShard: I see. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I hope not. 

MaryMcRockShard: ... 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: And there we go again with the ellipsis. Seriously, talk. I'm so sick of my internal monologues I could resort to watching daytime TV. 

MaryMcRockShard: *Gasp* No! 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Yeah, I probably shouldn't. My intellect wouldn't survive. 

MaryMcRockShard: I'd rather you kept your intellect. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Me too. 

MaryMcRockShard: So what's eating you? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Cthulhu. 

MaryMcRockShard: Ha! No, seriously. It's not my business to ask where you've been, but you seem really edgy. Is there anything specific you need to get outta your system before we can talk? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: It's complicated. Let's just say I've got some inner demons that are making problems in my life. 

MaryMcRockShard: So you are human after all! 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: ...What do you mean by that? 

MaryMcRockShard: Well, after all our conversations you still managed to maintain this mystique about you. It's relieving to know there's another person on the end of the line. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: ... 

MaryMcRockShard: What? 

MaryMcRockShard: Now YOU'RE doing the ellipses. 

MaryMcRockshard: Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry, I'm not that sensitive a person... 

MaryMcRockshard: Please don't take it the wrong way! I didn't mean to offend you! 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I'm not offended. 

MaryMcRockShard: Oh, thank goodness :D 

MaryMcRockShard: I'm sorry, I just tend to come off as a little blunt sometimes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: No, it's not that. 

MaryMcRockShard: Then what is it? You got all silent there for a while, I thought you were mad at me. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Do you ever get the feeling you don't control your life? 

MaryMcRockShard: All the time. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Really? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yeah. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Like someone else is pulling the strings? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Like a team of insane, caffeine-hooked, two-bit writers are scripting the events in your life for a cheesy B-movie? 

MaryMcRockShard: ...No. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Oh. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: We've had this conversation before, haven't we? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Damn. Why didn't you tell me? 

MaryMcRockShard: I didn't want to interrupt you. You seemed to be getting at something. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Next time, say something. I spent a couple months repeating myself; I'd rather not do it any more. 

MaryMcRockShard: Oh? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Like I said, it's been rough recently. 

MaryMcRockShard: I wish I could relate. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: No, you don't. 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes, I do. Really, GTCR, I wish I had your life sometime. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: No, you don't. 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes, I do! Honestly, at this point I'm starting to think anything would be better than what I've got now. No matter how bad it is. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: See, there they go again. 

MaryMcRockShard: There who goes again? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: The writers. 

MaryMcRockShard: The ones that supposedly run your life? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Yes. They think they're being ironic. 

MaryMcRockShard: It's not irony. GTCR, sometimes I really wish I could just start a new life, you know? Or see what yours is really like. When you disappeared for those four months I think I started to lose it a little. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I still can't believe it's only been four months. 

MaryMcRockShard: It felt like a year to me. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: And now with the cheesy exaggerations. Really, I'm going to strangle them if I ever find them. 

MaryMcRockShard: I'm being honest here. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: And I'm being honest when I say that I'm tired, Mary. I'm sorry you missed me, but there was really nothing I could do about it at the time. Things aren't looking so bright here. Trust me, whatever dullness you're dealing with does not merit saying you'd like to be in my shoes. 

MaryMcRockShard: I didn't say it was dull. 

MaryMcRockShard: And I thought you didn't wear shoes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Point taken. And good memory. 

MaryMcRockShard: It's my specialty. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I mean it about the life thing. Do your best to appreciate anything good you've got. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: It could all be gone tomorrow. I don't say that to try and scare you; it's just the truth. The only way to appreciate the worthwhile things is to acknowledge them while they're still around. 

MaryMcRockShard: You know something? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: What? 

MaryMcRockShard: It's good to talk to you again, GTCR. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Thanks. I'm sorry if I'm a little on edge. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: It's been a long four months. 

MaryMcRockShard: I guessed. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Crap. Sun's going down. I'll have to be quick. 

MaryMcRockShard: Why? 

MaryMcRockShard: You're not going, are you? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: No choice. Some things you can't control. 

MaryMcRockShard: But we just started talking! 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I have to go. But there's something I wanted to say first.

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: You've been honest with me. So I'll be honest with you. 

MaryMcRockShard: Okay... 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Things have been pretty bad over here. And they're going to get worse, in all likeliness, before they get any better. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I'm not always sure who my friends are, any more. I always thought I was good at judging other people. I guess that's not the case. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Remember when we talked about my acting gig? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Well lately I feel like I'm not the only actor around here. I see actors all around me. And they're all stuck in the same movie. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: But unlike me, they weren't actors to begin with. A lot of them seem to have been cast wrong. Most of them have roles they don't like. They remember a simpler time, when they didn't have to dole out the kind of performances they do now. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Some others...they like their new roles a little too much. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I'm hoping that despite the sufferings and trials we'll all pull through in the end, because so far that's how my life has been. That's the way the story's always gone. But this is a different kind of story. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: And I don't think this one's going to end up like the others. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: That's why I feel I need to make the most of what I have, especially now. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: I'm sorry to leave you on that, Mary, but I have to get going. 

MaryMcRockShard: Wait! 

MaryMcRockShard: How do I know you'll be back? 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Don't worry. I have a habit of pulling through. I'll be back here to chat philosophy with you and spar about secrets again. But that might be a while from now. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: And by the way... 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: You already knew what an ellipsis was, didn't you? 

MaryMcRockShard: Yes. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Atta girl. I'll see you later. 

GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit has logged off. 

MaryMcRockShard: ... 

MaryMcRockShard: Please take care of yourself, GTCR. 

MaryMcRockShard has logged out.