6th Aug 2017, 12:19 PM


Some time ago, I read an article where the writer commented on the necessity of pain as a part of the human condition.
At some point, they wondered whether, some time in the future, after the eradication of pain, people would look at that writing and think how ridiculous we were today, since we saw the inevitability of pain and sought to turn it into something positive.
Point is, Sandra reeks of desperation.

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4th Mar 2018, 9:39 PM

Random Reader

Actually I hope they never, EVER get rid of the physical sensation of pain. Pain is your body's way of telling you, "Houston, we have a problem here!" Pain is meant to help keep us from making injuries worse while they heal.

There are medical disorders which exist that render a person unable to feel pain. Such people can place a hand on a hot stove and not feel the pain that says "GET YOUR HAND OFF THIS THING IDIOT!" They can easily miss other conditions like appendicitis, because one of the major defining symptoms is pain in a very specific region of the belly. "Where does it hurt?" is one of the most common questions doctors use to figure out what's ailing you. Can you imagine how many would drop from heart attacks if no one ever got that classic pain radiating down the left arm??

As much as it sucks, a world without pain would actually be far more dangerous than the one we currently live in.

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27th Dec 2021, 8:13 PM


I think the original commenter was referring to a hypothetical time where things causing pain have been eradicated, not the ability to feel pain.

Removing pain but not removing what causes it is a horrible idea as you mentioned. But that commenter was referring to a hypothetical future situation where paradise is achieved. People would not experience pain, not because they can’t, but because nothing hurts them or causes them to feel pain. I.e. imagine if we became gods, unable to die, unable to be injured in any sort of way, and perhaps even incapable of making mistakes that would cause us emotional harm.

Whether that’s the exact situation that author was envisioning, I don’t know. I do know so long as we’re bound by physics, then it is possible at some point harm whether to our existence, or our egos is probably impossible to prevent while retaining complexity, but it is just a philosophical question. At least for now. Perhaps heaven should it exist, is so kind of a place that pain does not exist. Though if pain is a necessary experience to be human, then it is interesting to then question whether those in such a heaven are fundamentally more alien, less human, than even the most twisted people. For at least they know pain. Not saying they’d be lesser for being less human, just different.

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