28th May 2017, 9:57 AM


Even with all the crazy things that come later, this is still my favorite chapter of the entire series. Just... Damn, Joe. It's all beautifully done, in art, story, world... There's a kind of back stage glimpse, in a way, of the hidden cogs of your comic's world, yet even with what is shown and what is merely hinted to be and to come, there's still so much. I love the clever interweaving of mythologies and legends of past, yet with flavor and interpretation that makes it something new even as it is something also known. 'Viv', and 'Mable' and all these subtle things, delicious curiosities of their own, seasoned foreshadowing of things to come. It only makes me all the more excited to see this final chapter of the comic unfold, even if I suspect, somehow, this will remain my favorite to gaze upon - vividly imagined world showing a world thought imagined. Brilliant work, Joe. And thanks for it, and the conclusion yet to come.

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28th May 2017, 1:07 PM

Joe England

Thanks Maximumcarnage. Thanks very much! I'm proud to have built something that continues to bring you satisfaction!

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25th Dec 2020, 3:52 AM


Three years have passed. It actually startled me to realize that was my comment, left there like a flagstone in time. I’m vaguely pleased to say I was right in my prediction that this remains my favorite arc of the comic. But that isn’t even the slightest bit of disparagement to the finale to come. The highs and lows, the artistry, and the whimsy of a world blending the dreams and legends and stories of all that is and was. Quite possibly among the best envisionings, and most masterfully interwoven, that I’ve experienced even now.

I will confess here as well that I am satisfied with what comes as well. Zebra Girl ranks among the most highly regarded creative works I know, and I can only wish for more to see it. If I lament anything of it’s conclusion at all, it is that it does end at all. But it must, of course. If a story doesn’t end, how can another be told? We write our own every day, after all.

Even so, I daydream now and then of the whimsical mysteries of this plane, and of the future world Sandra returns to. Becoming, like her, so much more than what we know as magic returns and the world grows bolder. An age where one day, even dragons may roam. If ever should there be another glimpse of it, I pray I do not miss it.

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6th Jun 2018, 2:19 AM


This arc is really delightfully well self-contained. Really the beginning of the highest crest; the artwork sublime, the storytelling superb, the characters fascinating and developed.

Jolly well done old sport.

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