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26th Mar 2016, 2:20 AM

Joe England

Hey. Psst. Did you notice how I seem to draw Sam's ears different almost every page? If you did, don't tell anyone, ever. It's a secret.

And in case there's any uncertainty, yes, the site is still a work in progress! ...Both of them!

Meanwhile, happy Easter! If it's not something you celebrate, then I'll advocate a chocolate egg for you anyway, because there's never a reason not to have one. Screw allergies!

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26th Mar 2016, 2:39 AM

An Oxygen Molecule

Sure, he's there to get them "out" --- out of the frying pan and into the fire... Zandra's fire!

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26th Mar 2016, 2:53 AM

Draco Ex Machina

I love this comic. My optimistic side says that this ghoul will possibly be the bearer of the truth of the situation, like, part of a resistance movement or something. My realistic side says he's just trying to entrap them out of their house right into the jaws of the enemies.

Good times, good times.

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26th Mar 2016, 7:06 AM


My thoughts exactly Draco!

He was especially grateful to Zandra... so maybe? Maybe he will help them?

On the other hand - the only worse spot to be in than they are now is to be trapped in a small cramped space where Wally can't transform into a werewolf... and THEN be attacked. From both directions. With no exit or escape.

Oh, gracious. Waiting a week between updates is such sweet torture!

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26th Mar 2016, 8:48 AM


When Bloo was making her announcement, of all the folks looking less than confident in her plan, I'd say Walter was <url=>by far the furthest on that spectrum.</url> I'm hoping he's legit, but also wouldn't be surprised if a Bloo/Mike supporter noticed and is waiting to intercept him...

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26th Mar 2016, 8:53 AM


And now I know one way NOT to make a link. Here's another, but at least it might look better.

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26th Mar 2016, 10:16 PM


You made me dig through the archives for a while for this comic and the one after it.

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26th Mar 2016, 2:59 AM


Well Walter is kind of Zandras friend. Maybe he really is there to help.

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26th Mar 2016, 3:49 AM


First, Joe, loved the comic for YEARS, with this intense hashing to convey so much information.
Second, Walter is an adorable mole-man. Just be sure not to become a proper corpse around him, in case he feels peckish.

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26th Mar 2016, 7:29 AM


Does their homeowner's insurance cover that hole in the floor?

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26th Mar 2016, 8:09 AM


A friendly ghoul.


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26th Mar 2016, 9:19 AM


Didn't see that one coming.

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26th Mar 2016, 12:15 PM

Random Reader

Actually now I think about it, Walter here might be one of the few folks who prefer Zandra in charge. He did say it's rare to meet someone who doesn't mind his lifestyle... Perhaps he's rescuing them to help Zandra?

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28th Mar 2016, 1:25 PM


I think I agree with you. This is a good theory, and I doubt that any of the non-vampires are super excited about having the Vampires be in charge.

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1st Apr 2016, 7:41 AM

jonathan d wint

Not certain even most of the Vampires want The Vampires in charge.

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26th Mar 2016, 12:37 PM


That's ok Joe, bunny ears are sweet. Draw them every way you want.

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26th Mar 2016, 9:09 PM


Oh hey Walter.
You seem cool.

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27th Mar 2016, 9:56 AM


Now just need Crystal and Tomie for premonition bingo.

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27th Mar 2016, 11:43 PM


Quick! There are carnivorous undead around the house, come escape with me, a carnivorous undead you don't know, into outside the house!

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28th Mar 2016, 1:26 PM


Now THAT'S a face you can trust.

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29th Mar 2016, 2:13 PM


Zandra's coming is a very big deal in the greater supernatural community, I bet. Any monster that ISN'T a vampire probably wants her on her path to power, and would help.
Vampires as a whole seem like they think they're tough shit, because they don't actually know about anything

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30th Mar 2016, 12:53 PM


A little more on Walter, for anyone who may have missed the ask blog.

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27th Jun 2018, 9:44 AM


Seems legit.

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