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20th Apr 2019, 2:44 PM

Joe England

Originally posted 12/31/2018: Files from the Stone Society

From the writings of Stan Stone, noted Lepologist (date unknown):

"The advent of the family of Sam Sprinkles gave rise to a new race of sapient lagomorphs. Initially dubbing themselves 'High Rabbits', their superficial resemblance to the increasingly notorious Vorpal Pook created a public impression of commonality over the years which led to their being more popularly known as 'Mimsy Pook'. The source of this moniker is uncertain, though it’s been suggested that it may have been coined by the Vorpal Pook themselves (who were known to encourage its usage at every opportunity).

"With intelligence came culture, much of it patterned after the prolific trappings of human civilization. Candle Night is an observance formed by High Rabbits (or 'Mimsies') to commemorate the turning of the year in a fashion analogous to classical holidays, which has since become popular with many supernatural beings and even some humans.

"The ceremony involves gathering various candles during the last month of the year, each representing a philosophical matter which the participants would like to reconcile. The topic can be a negative issue, regret, or grudge, or something more benign, like a departed friend or family member, the unfolding of childhood, or any event which made the passing year particularly memorable. The lighting and blowing out of the candles on Candle Night symbolizes their willingness to accept, forgive, forget, or otherwise make peace with whatever the candles represent as a new season dawns. Even if nothing readily comes to mind, there is always at least one candle lit for the year that has come and gone.

"Variations of this ritual include writing down one’s concerns on a piece of paper which is then burned prior to extinguishing the candle. Others prefer to let the candles burn themselves out naturally. And still others forego the symbolism altogether and simply enjoy the opportunity to spend time lighting candles with their loved ones."

Notes from Joe: Happy New Year, everyone.


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