Fan Fiction

Crystal's Nightmare
by Bren MacDonald

Silence echoes through the hallway of flowers. She sings a sweet melody to the orchids and sunflowers and dandelions. She whispers sweet nothings to the stone walls bracketing them, and caresses them with quiet compassion.

And through the silence walk three companions: a knight with plaid armor, a gentile with a fir coat, and a princess with a cloak.

Silence giggles and rushes around her new friends. She asks their names. She puts braids of flowers in their hair. She clears their path from brambles.

But the companions couldn't see Silence. They couldn't hear her voice.

And Silence weeps.

And all the plants die.

And the stones crumble.

And the hallway of flowers turns to dust around her.

Suddenly Silence is a little girl in her parent's bedroom. Her teddy bear has run away. She climbs onto the plaid sheets. Her mother's striped claws draw her close into a loving embrace. Her father joins them and the room was alight with flames. She tries to warn them, but they won't listen. They just say it's just her imagination.

They tell her to go back to sleep.

Then Silence is in a field of roses. She leans down to smell one and is stung by a black and white stripped bee.

The bee flies to her ear and apologizes. Then offers to take silence to her home; a magical world filled with honey and more friends than she could likely count. All she has to do is follow the bee.

Silence agrees to follow, but can't move through the brambles of the rose bushes. The bee doesn't wait and soon Silence is left alone again.

With tears in her eyes, she begins to build a hallway of flowers, a place where she was happy once.

Perhaps it can make her happy again.