Fan Fiction

Dear Diary
by Phillip Podjursky
Part 1 / Part 2

Dear Diary...

Last night was really freaky; I was biking home from the Big Halloween party (even though I don't fit in) early and saw Mike and this strange girl with him. Having my Curiosity getting the better of me I followed them close behind into the park, but for some strange reason the girl kept on looking back, as if she knew I was there, luckily she carried on. They stopped at the park bridge, I listened in closely and found out that she was asking if Mike loved her, but Mike only met her that night. Only afterwards I had gotten the shock of my life, wings with black patterns seemed to rip out of her back; she then yelled something in a tone I will never forget, "GET AWAY FROM ME!" She then flew across town, luckily I had my bike with me, me having a curious nature and all, and I followed her.

She seemed to shape shift, horns seemed to grow from her head, black stripes and patterns seemed to grow over her, a third eye popped out of her head, her feet turned into hooves, and finally she grew a tail. I followed her to a church and noticed she had folded in her wings and didn't move for a while so I went home, I didn't dare tell my parents what happened, for they would go either ballistic or would sit down and have a 'talk'. The next day (today), which is Sunday, I went back to church with my parents, the same church that the mysterious girl had slept, and too my disbelief she was still there, waking up. She looked around in shock, not noticing me looking at her, and crawled down the wall. I saw my friend, Emily, walk in there, and walked out with $20 hanging out of her pocket. She then screamed at the top of her lungs that there was a gas leak and that the street was going to explode. Naturally everybody ran, but I slipped away from my parents and watched that very alley way where That Mysterious Girl was. She crept very fast into the sewers, I was either very brave, or stupid, that day, and I followed her down the sewers.

She seemed to mumble to her self about some things, I only caught some of it. I heard that she screwed up that one night (The Halloween night I think), she said something about an idiot but when she did say that there was a strange glow from her..., she then sniffed the air and mumbled something about a soul. She then sat down under a ladder to the surface when a rat spooked her and she climbed to the top and screamed in a way I have never heard before in my life, I can never explain it. I stayed below to play it safe, I heard voices, a man just went outside, and then something caught on fire, then there was screams followed by a slamming of a door. I could hear that the Girl had gone, so I tried to follow her by the alley ways, and nearly lost her when I saw that she landed on top of my granddads place, which I have a key for, and I went up the building and hid and listened to her talk to God. I had a good idea on what she had gone through, my theory is that she had some sort of accident, (Crazy idiot with a magical relic, ha ha, I dunno) and she hates what she is, and that she wanted a normal life. I could relate to her, I am different from everybody else; I don't fit in, with my stutters, my shaking and my birth defect. No one wants to be with me (except for my diary and my parents and my ONE best friend). I hide from everybody else. I then saw something that gave me a link to her, that rabbit, I know where he lives, I now know where that Girl lives, and I now know her name, and her name is...Sandra.

Maybe this was all a dream, but I'm certain that it wasn't. I can't tell anyone else of this, they will either laugh at me, or just ignore me to start with. Maybe I can make another friend, maybe I can help her, and that she can help me.

I now end this entry with the one sentence that I end all. This is my Friend, this is my life, no one shall read this but me, and me only...

(Part 2)Dear Diary...

I saw her again. I was coming home from school; the bad thing was that it was raining (Damn Rain!). My mother was working late... again, and my Father worked until 5pm, and I didn't want to wait until then to get home. So I borrowed an umbrella from the Student Centre at school. My School, Miscellaneous High School, wasn't crunched in, confined to a single plot, Multi Story, like Miscellaneous City College. In fact it was quite spread out and big, probably because it was built over 60 years ago. It had about 1,500 students in it. I was walking down Main Street in town as I always do when I walk home, it was really stormy that day, and rain was hammering upon my umbrella. Main Street looked like it missed the 1980s, it still had the historical style buildings lining the sides of the street, it wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. But it was really long; its real name is Victoria Avenue.

I always wear a hoody and long pants, even though it isn't part of my uniform at school; good thing my mother wrote a note about it. I am in a special needs class, away from everybody else, it's a relatively small class, there's only about 5 others in my class which pay no attention to me, and I do the same to them. I'm normal intellectually; it's just the physical things that are holding me back. The street was quite quiet, strange for a Friday, I guess since the 'Devil' sightings everybody is too scared to go out on bad occasions (like that storm). There was the occasional car going past and the hobo that always sits next to the News stand waiting for more paper and the kind donation. All of the headlines pretty much said the same thing... 'Miss Devil sighted, is the town safe?' (Seemed safe to me) The sheltered area of the street was coming to an end, and the street seemed to open up more because of the lack of multi story buildings lining it. So I put up my umbrella and took the shortcut through the alley like I always do; the alley way had the occasional rubbish bin and bag across its walls and the fire escapes lining the buildings. The alley way was dark and dreary, but I didn't care, all I wanted to do was get home. Just across from the alley way was my house, but when I looked again, a hooded figure appeared out of nowhere.

The head of the figure turned slowly towards me, and its eyes connected with mine. I then knew who it was; it was Sandra, the person I wanted to meet face to face. Well that was my one and probably only chance, she started to walk off when I started to run silently towards her to not to startle her. She seemed to know that I was coming when she said, "Why are you following me?"

"I, uh... wanted to talk with you." I answered, and after I said that she seemed to mumble to herself, "Why? Why cant people just leave me alone."

"Look," Sandra told me, "Don't bother with me, I'm not worth it."

"But... Sandra!" I tried to pull back what I said but it was too late.

"Wait! What did you say?" she said as if she wanted to confirm what I said.

"Uh... Nothing... I think this was a mistake." I said in a nervous voice

"You said that I was Sandra, how did you know? I didn't tell you... are you..." she trailed off.

"That Halloween night... I saw it all... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Please don't... don't... don't..." my stutters started to get the best of me. I worked so hard to try to stop them; I guess my heightened fear and nervousness kept them going.

"You saw... me?" she said cautiously.

I said yes, and said to her that I saw what she was, what she did at the church, what I saw in the sewers (what was I thinking!), I even told her that I heard her outburst to God on top of my Granddads house. We had slowly walked onto the street; it was still raining so I shared my Umbrella to Sandra. There was the Asphalt road in the middle of the street, small trees lining the road, and the pavement seemed old, stepped on, and cracked. My house was just across the street; Sandra's was just down the road. She stood dumbfounded, her face was in shock (her purple eyes looked cool!), and I then decided to bridge the gap. I then lowered my hood, embarrassed as ever... in the open, anyone could have looked through the window and saw how ugly I was (I dare not tell you, I don't trust you that much, sorry). Actions spoke louder than words that day. Her face grew from a shocked look to a sympathising one.

"In the normal world... there are people... like... me." She said softly (Thank goodness, she didn't freak out. Though I didn't think she would of.)

"I guess I'm not the only one with problems, Ha ha!" I said cheerfully, "do you want to come over to my house to dry off? My parents won't mind."

"I guess there's no harm in that!" she said back in an equally cheerful tone. Just as she said that the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the most beautiful thing came out... a rainbow. (Even though I don't really like that mushy stuff, it still looked good.)

What happened after that, I shall tell you another day, for I'm lost for words for that situation. I've made another friend, a friend I can relate to. I thank God for that... I was so lucky today.

I now end this entry with the one sentence that I end all. This is my Friend, this is my life, no one shall read this but me, and me only...