Fan Fiction

Dreaming of Happiness
by Bren MacDonald

It was only a dream.

It was nothing more than electric impulses between synapses.

Nothing more than a painting on her sleeping eyelids.

Nothing more than shadows of a waking world.

But it felt so real. The blue sky was racing above her, and the grey clouds blurring below. Sandra could even feel the wind racing across her body like an impatient lover.

This was bliss.

This was true happiness.

She breathed in till her lungs were full of the invigorating air. She breathed out and the clouds separated before her.

And the view was for her eyes alone. She saw rivers, lakes, fields, forests,

towns, and people.

Everything she saw envied her.

Everything she saw stretched out to reach her, to bring her down to them, to join her in glorious, glorious flight.

The sky embraced her, guided her to a mountain top to rest. The rock moved to make a throne for the queen of the skies.

Sandra rested on the throne. A bird came and landed before her. Then another. And another.

Soon the rock was full of the birds of every species. They looked at her then bowed.

One by one they took a single feather from their wing and lay it before

Sandra, then flew away. The pile of feathers grew until there were no more birds.

Sandra dipped a single finger into the pile and stirred it. The feathers churned and molded itself into a human shape. The shape of a man she knew.


She smiled at him and touched his cheek. He smiled at her and returned the gesture.

Her claws melted away.

Her third eye closed and smoothed over.

Her stripes faded.

And on the mountaintop, the two human lovers embraced.

But only in a dream.