Fan Fiction

Operation: Silent Move
by Phillip Podjursky
Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Epilogue

Chapter one: The Break in

There was a government outpost in the Nevada Desert, it wasn't much to look at up on top. Just a lone concrete building with steel windows lining it and a wide garage beside it. It was in a lonely part of the desert, a big clearing with rock canyons surrounding it. But the real action was below it, for the topside building was just a cover up... just like the government to cover up their special plans from the American Public, or any public for that manner. Meanwhile inside the top secret underground base, there was a control room filled with control panels, memory banks and a series of computers in the middle. There were metal panels for walls, metal panels for the ceiling, and finally red coloured metal floors. There would be the usual crowd of people manning the control panels, but since this is a Sunday, they have a morning break. It was 4 o'clock in the morning and the main computer was undergoing repairs...

"How long until it is fully operational?" asked the base commander. The Commander was a man in his middle ages, brownish hair, and a scar on his left cheek. His uniform was the standard blue Jacket with pants and a white Shirt, with overall army style ornaments covering his jacket. The Commanders name was Derek Rodgers.

"In about 5 seconds sir. You know that I have been steadily repairing it over the past year, you know because of my 'other job'... here it goes!" Explained the computer technician. Just then a long dreary white face appeared on the black screen. This man was quite young, in his 20s in fact, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He has both a mother and father, the sad thing is that his mother died when he was ten years old...his father to his views was a nutcase who chased around demons and such around Miscellaneous. His family name was Broadshoulders; no one knows his first name, except for his father. Around here he is known as Sparky, for his flash repairs and for his quick shocking 'attitude'.

'Computer number 001 is now fully operational, awaiting orders' said the AI Computer through a speaker on top of the monitor.

"Ah, welcome back Jacob...initiate scan 10CT."

'Rodger that sir. Initiating scan...




Concentrated group of paranormal activity detected!'

"Report, Jacob."

'My scanners indicate:

-an 'O' class Demon

-An Accented Wizard

-A werewolf

-An unknown organism

My scanners also indicate that a human is nearby these individuals, and have been for some time. Orders, Sir?'

"I don't know why these people have eluded our scanners for such a long time, do you know why, Sparky?" said Derek

"Yes, when I was repairing Jacob here, I made one of my own little 'upgrades' so he could push through things not seen by the human eye." replied Sparky

"Good job Sparky, even you surprise me! Send Team 'Black Dawn', Immediately!"

'Yes sir! I shall send the word out now. *click* Black Dawn Report to Hanger 11b, I repeat, Black Dawn Report to Hanger 11b!'

"Thanks Sparky..." Derek then looked for Sparky, "Oh yea, he's going to his 'other job'."

The pilot of the 'Machos Largos' (a vehicle that was designed by Sparky) was getting excited. 'Finally, some action at last!' he thought to himself. All this guy has had is trainer Sims and test drives. He was leaning against the door of the big hunk of metal that was in the hanger... it was designed on the basic shell of the S.W.A.T Vans, but bigger, faster and meaner. There was a rapid fire MG99 on the top, firing slits on the sides, fire and bullet proof windows on the front, and enough supplies to last a group of 6 a week in there. This thing had a lot of grunt, this baby could cruise along at 200 KPH, and roll along bumps as if they were nothing. There was 6 men coming out of the door at the far end of the hanger, they were running along in a line, disciplined as always. Starting from the left, the first was the sniper(deadly at 2 Kilometres) he was covered in the standard camouflage gear, the second was the Infiltrator(can sneak through any defence unseen, literally) had the sleek ghost look, the third was the heavy weapons expert( built like a tank) he had the 'Big Gun' strapped to his back, the fourth was the Vehicles man (he could hotwire anything, ANYTHING) he had the black goggles, the fifth was Paranormal Guru (he can dis-magic a wizard, and pacify a demon) he had the cloak of protection, and finally there was Sparky (the leader of the outfit) he is the brains behind the team and deadly at that. The Black Dawn team's uniform was the basic black outfit, each with their own special modifications to meet their needs.

"Well now, there's no time for chit chat now! Get in and I shall brief you on the way..." Said the Driver

Sandra was already up as always in this household, '6:30! I have to try to sleep more...' she thought to herself. Sandra was no ordinary morning person, or person for that manner. She is in fact a demon, she was 'turned' into one because of Jack (her friend and Wizard) slammed a magical book called 'Tomie' that they found in their attic. Her feet are no longer human feet, for they are hooves like a Zebras, her bottom part of her leg is like that of a horse. In fact her entire body looks like a Zebra. She has Demon patterns (like a Zebras) all over her body, a tail with black and white patterns on it and a card game spade on the end. Her hands are like no other because instead of fingers, she has long claws (3 claw fingers and 1 claw thumb). But the freakiest of all is that she has a third eye, fangs, beautiful purple hair, and 4 horns on her head with the back ones curving forward. The reason why she is no ordinary morning person is because all of her bodily fluids are caustic acid, and because of that she cannot eat any food and drink most drinks (not that she needs to) but the strangest thing is that she can still taste the aroma of coffee.

Everybody is usually up at 7 so Sandra uses this time to think and to get last minute emails done on her Tech Support site that she has. She stands over her computer in her room; her computer is next to her bed. Her bed has been mutilated by her new found form, her horns have scratched the headboard nearly right through, her horns have also mutilated her pillow through her tossing and turning in her nightmares that she endures every night. Some of them even house 'Mr Chalk', a character that has been haunting her and pointing out things that Sandra doesn't want to know, in other words freaking her out, and enjoying it. Sandra reached for the power button on her computer, until she heard a crash...

It was the Window, a strange man in a black outfit was there, there was a name badge above his left breast pocket, and it read 'Sparky'. He had a small weapon in his right hand; it seemed like a chrome water blaster (the big kind). "Now don't you do anything funny now! Just follow my instructions and you will be ok." 'Sparky' told Sandra.

"WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO YOU!?" Screamed Sandra, she then widened her eyes, trying to get him to catch on fire using her kinetics, although she couldn't somehow.

"Because I have something that can truly hurt you! For this Water blaster holds no water, it holds Sodium Hydroxide! Look, we are not here to kill you. All we want to do is move you and your 'friends' to a safer location than this, that's all." Replied Sparky.

"What about Crystal? What about her?"

"Oh, the NORMAL person here, I'm sorry, she cannot come with you."

"Why not?"

"Because her current status in this area does not affect the safety of the public... I'm sorry. Regulations are the Rules in my Department."

"What are you talking about? Are you the Government?" Asked Sandra

"Yes, I am part of the Government. Don't worry about your other friends; they are going through the same talk you are..." Said Sparky

Jack was in his room, sleeping as always. He was dreaming about him in a corn field, in medieval times, but there were no people in his dream. He was sitting on a fence, beside a large oak tree. There were corn fields, fields full of sheep and cattle, and empty fields as far as he could see. The skies were blue with the occasional white cloud. Behind him was a wheat field, and in his mouth was a wheat stalk. Just as he was relaxing in his dream, a dark figure started to make his way through the corn field. Jack squinted as he tried to see who he was. He steadily came closer. Jack looked away to see if anybody else was around, and when he turned back to see the strange man, he was right in front of him.

He had a black cloak on with a hood over his head, over a slim black uniform. Jack tried to look where a name is supposed to be, but it was blurred out somehow. He tried to see his face, but all that was there was just a black void. "What are you?" Jack inquired

"I am merely a pawn of a department of the Government. That is all." He replied

"Uh... ok. What are you doing in my dream? You must be magical in nature, because no ordinary magic user could penetrate my mind."

"I hate magic, but I use it for my profession. Don't dare try to run, or fight back for that manner, I am more powerful than you can imagine. But I would rather use as little magic as possible." he said in a spooky low voice.

"I can sense a great power in you, stranger. What do you want with me?"

"All I want is for you and your special friends to leave this place and come with us to a top secret location in the Nevada Desert. You will be safe there. Oh, and I don't think your sister will be coming either."

"What if I don't accept?"

"Well then we shall, as the Government would say, protect the lives of the American public. But I don't want it to get to that... you will come with us... it's just a matter of if you come voluntarily." He said in a menacingly voice.

"Doesn't look like I've got a choice." Jack said, this guy was too Professional for Jack to fight, he was just too powerful. The man then disappeared in a puff of smoke and at that very moment Jack awoke finding the man sitting at the end of his bed waiting for him to get up.

All was quiet in Crystal's room, Wally was asleep in his wolf form on the floor, and Crystal was in bed, probably dreaming about Wally and herself 'snuggling'. There was a 'Meet Sam Sprinkles' poster above her dresser. This was next to her bed which is where Crystal was sleeping. Wally was sleeping on a rug on the floor; the rug was vibrant in colours. The window was just at the end of her bed, and for a strange reason was starting to shake and there were metallic scraping noises. Wally was aroused by this; firstly he changed to human form, and then went to the window to investigate. The window was open, so Wally thought that it was just the wind, until a voice towards the end of the room said, "Don't even think about it." The voice had a Russian accent, yet it had a slight American twist to it.

"Who... Who said that?" Whispered Wally, trying not to wake Crystal.

"Don't worry; you don't need to know, yet." Said the strange voice. "Let's just say that I'm part of the Government."

"If there is one thing I know about Werewolves, it's that they don't like silver very much, hehe. So even if you can sense me, there's nothing you can do." The strange voice said again.

"What do you want then? And please, not so loud... I don't want to wake Crystal." Whispered Wally

"Ah, yes, you two are boyfriend and girlfriend right? Such a sad situation." The strange voice said quietly. "Look, all we want is for you and your special friends to come with us, and shall we say, be our new neighbours. To be more exact, we want you to keep away from the public, plain and simple, you're too dangerous. You can maybe even help us in our 'Big Endeavour'."

"And if we refuse?"

"Well then, you and your little friends can stay here in Miscellaneous... 6 feet under in the local cemetery. Good choices? No?"

"You mean ALL of us?"

"Why yes, but except for your 'girlfriend' here... she isn't so special in the Governments terms. Ah" The stranger then muffled Wally's mouth with a cloth. "We don't want the little girl to wake up now do we?" Just then Crystal was roused from her sleep...

"Uhh... What's happening...? Wally?!"

Sam was on the couch downstairs, still sleeping from last nights worth of booze and TV. The couch was against the wall, it was a brownish colour, similar to The Simpson's couch actually. Beer stains and all, though not as much on this couch. Sam's head was lying on a pillow, tilted towards the TV screen, and in his hand resting on the floor is a bottle of Vodka (The real stuff). The TV was nothing flash, just a small Black Mitsubishi TV on a wooden TV stand... which was still on. It was the morning News, currently on 'Another Sighting of the Miscellaneous Devil'. The remote was on the Table just to the left of Sam's head. Suddenly the TV was turned off and a big shadow overlooked Sam, because of the Morning sun gleaming on this big object. Sam woke up because of the sudden stop of his 'Sleeping drug'. "What the hell?" Sam said to himself.

"Well now, looks like the TV sent you to sleep last night eh?" The big bloke said, overshadowing Sam.

"Wha, how did you get in? Uhh my head." Sam said in a dreary voice.

"Let's just say I did my own 'delicate' treatment to your door." Sam tried to focus on the Person, and eventually he did. He was African American, with brown eyes and short black hair. He also had a big black fabric 'Jumpsuit' with a huge gun on his back. "Call me Bruno." He said.

"Ok Bruno, Why are you here? I can't be bothered thinking."

"I want you and you're 'Friends' to come with me and hang with the Government for a bit, that's all. Cause if you stay here the public might come and ask questions, and we can't take that chance."

"WHAT!!!!" there was a screaming voice coming from upstairs that sounded a lot like Crystal.

"Looks like the girl has caught on that she isn't coming." Bruno said.

"She isn't?" Sam replied

"No... she's perfectly normal, and that's the reason why she isn't coming."

"What if we don't want to come and 'hang' with the Government?"

"Well then," Bruno then starts to bring out a pistol and screws on a silencer, "I will have to neutralize the threat. Lets hope it doesn't come to that shall we?"

Sam thought to himself, 'Looks like this guy isn't kidding about the neutralizing part... he doesn't have the 'bluffing' looks in his eyes, stone cold eyes.'

"Ok, ill come. But only if the others agree." Sam said in a disappointed manner.

The Machos Largos was waiting just outside the house, with the Driver in the front and the Sniper in the back. The Driver was Scottish in origin; he had ginger hair under his black cap, green eyes, and his goggles were resting on top of the brim of the cap. He had the usual black fabric jumpsuit like everybody else, but this one was specially made to put all of his 'Tools of the Trade' in. He was in his late 30's, with 'grease' stains all over his shirt. He was reading the latest 'American Steel' magazine, a magazine about Cars and extra tricks to do them up, especially American brand cars. In the back was the Sniper, who was only 21. Fresh out of training with top marksmanship he was accepted into the Black Dawn outfit. He was still into Rock music, as most teenagers from his town were, and he smoked like a chimney. One of his most common quotes was "If only I could smoke in my sleep!" He had black hair and blue eyes with a round chin, like a real tough guy. He had a tight fabric suit with high-definition binoculars around his neck. He also had a standard issue 308. Sniper rifle that had special modifications. He could shoot a fly off a guys head at 500 metres. There was another Machos Largos behind this one to carry the extra 'personnel' that will be coming with them to the base. These two didn't know exactly what these people looked like exactly, but they were busting to find out. Sparky finally started to come out the door.

"Took them long enough." The Driver said.

"They out?" Asked the Sniper

"Aye lad, looks like one of them is under wraps, no two of them are! They must be quite interesting. Hey, one of them is saying goodbye to the girl."

"Must be friends or something."

"Aye... must be."

"I don't know where, I don't know how. But I only know that one day, we'll be together again, Crystal." Wally said softly to Crystal. Crystal started to cry; she fell to her knees and started to cry in her hands.

"Wally! I... I love you! Goo...Goo...d bye. " Her crying started to get the best of her. "Sandra! Look after yourself." She couldn't say goodbye to her friend, it would break her down completely. "Goodbye Jack, I love you!" Wally looked at her in great sadness, knowing he couldn't comfort her; he looked towards the ground and started to walk to the back of the giant van that loomed in the front of the house. Crystal then ran into the house crying all the way to her room. Sandra left a trail of acid stains along the concrete path leading to the van.

They all knew the van was moving because of the sudden jolt of movement that nearly woke them up from their sleepiness. The inside of the van looked a lot like that of a Police van, you know, the ones that they take a lot of criminals in. A long seat lined each side of the van, with all but one space taken. There was also a small space in the back with two cupboards lining each side. Sandra, Sam, Jack and Wally were looking on the floor of the van. All having pretty much the same look on their face, a very sad and depressed look. Sandra even put her claws on her face and let out a groan. Both Sam and Sandra had their coats on, Jack had his chequered shirt on, and Wally had a jersey and denim jeans on. Sparky was in the van with them.

"Don't feel sad, we will take GOOD care of all of you. We will even supply you with a computer and web-cam and all. Your friend, Crystal will be getting one as well. So don't feel so low. Hey, if you want to know, my Dad lives here, his name is Professor Broadshoulders. Have you met him?"

They all gave Sparky a bad look. Sparky gave them a surprised look back. "Ok! Ok, I guess my dad has gone 'Evil must Die!' on you. I feel bad about it... he's gone quite bonkers actually. I don't really like him that much; let's just say that he and my mother got drunk at Uni. I'm not like him; in fact I'm quite friendly and not as quick to judge as my dad. Beware of the rest of my team, don't trust them so easily." The group of friends then looked at Sparky with interest. "They all have had a bad run in with something paranormal so they won't be so friendly towards you. Make your friends wisely at the base; most of the personnel there joined that department to rid the world of people like you. I personally don't care whether your black, white, green or purple, I judge people by there personalities."

"Good, we don't know whether to trust you or not, so I would take it easy if I were you. Thanks by the way for not taking us by face value." Jack replied to Sparky's mini speech. They were all silent for half the way there. The silence was getting to Sandra, Sandra then suddenly spurted out "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I want some talking action! Sparky, since you haven't discriminated against us during the way I might as well tell you what has happened to us."

The rest of the gang didn't look at Sandra in a disagreeing look, but looked on to her as if they were saying, 'Go on, you make the first part of the story.' They then started to tell Sparky their adventures, they told him nearly everything, they all added in their own parts and all. Sparky listened in with great interest.

Chapter 2: Settling in

Soon after their little chit chat they could see by the back window that they were near their destination. Jack was clutching to Tomie. Outside was a red a desolate place, there was rocks and cacti as far as you could see, a long stretching endless black road that seemed to lead to nowhere, the large rock faces that walled in this valley, and a lone sign saying 'You are now leaving Area 52, Authorised personnel beyond this point only'. It looked like they were right next to Area 51; Sandra started to think whether everything that the Government wanted to hide was in the Nevada Desert. Meanwhile in the front a voice crackled from the radio. "This is Charlie Alpha Zero Two Niner, State your business and send conformation code Twenty CW. Over."

"Rodger that Charlie Alpha Zero Two Niner, This is Baker Zero I am bringing in some Personnel, Confidential code Niner Zero. Conformation code Twenty CW is 1486489, over."

"Rodger that Baker Zero, Report to Hanger 11b, out."

The Views of the Desert then stopped suddenly. They heard a creaking noise and they started moving again, but downwards diagonally. They could see that they were going in the base for they could see big metal doors closing away the sunlight from their eyes. It was pitch black for a second. "Don't worry; you will be taken to your rooms immediately after you get off the Machos Largos, which is this 'van'. We call it ML for short. Ah here we are, don't expect a warm welcome." Artificial light from Hanger lit up the inside of the ML, the doors opened, and two people with similar uniforms to that of Sparky, but more tidy and guard like. They had black pants, a dark grey shirt with a black tie, a black cap, and black tinted glasses. The Hanger wasn't much of one, it looked more like a giant garage than a military hanger, and Jack guessed it was only for the ML's. It had lights lining the sides of where the wall meets the ceiling, with the actual bulb hidden from the eye. Surprisingly it lit up the hangar quite well. The ML was just in front of a large 'tunnel' scaling upwards, with yellow tape surrounding the ML. there was two other 'ports' beside each side of the ML. The hangar was quite long, but not wide surprisingly. There were giant tool boxes along the walls and two car lifts in the middle along with grease and oil stains lining the concrete floor. This was obviously where the MLS got fixed. Sparky got out first and entered a room with red markings on the door.

"Ok, out you go. We shall escort you to your rooms." Sandra, Sam, Jack and Wally stepped out of the ML and followed the two guards approaching some double doors. "You see the black markings on this door? This is the ONLY type of door you are allowed to pass through. If you are caught going through any other door without permission, you will be severely punished. As they say, Curiosity killed the Cat." They passed into a long passageway with off going smaller ones on each side.

"Talk about up tight guards!" Sandra whispered to Jack.

"Yeah, talk about a 'warm welcome.'" Jack replied.

"There will be a map on the available routes to the Mess Hall, Lavatories, Recreational Facilities, Etcetera, Etcetera, in your rooms. Each of you will have an individual room. There will be no exceptions here, no corners cut, and no special favours." They suddenly turned into a passage way with 6 rooms and with one on the end. "These are your rooms, the two closest to the Main Hallway are ours, you shall never enter these rooms unless instructed to. The far room is your 'Communications room' you shall make contact with the person you left behind in Miscellaneous in that room." The Guard to the left of them said.

"What time is it?" Wally asked.

"The time is 1800 hours, lights out is at 2200, and reveille (your wake up call) is 0630 hours, lucky people. There is a packed dinner for you waiting on each of your drawers. Don't worry about inspection; you are the 'exception'." They started to move in their rooms when one of them said. "Oh, to make your life that much easier, the black lines on the floor mark the way to 'black doors'." He then disappeared into his room.

They all looked at each other in confusion. "So... I guess that we have to claim one of these rooms. I call dibs on this one!" Sandra said to the rest of the gang pointing to the one just to the left of the Communications room.

"Ok! I call dibs on that room!" Jack replied quickly pointing to the one on the right of the communications room.

"Bummer, guess we both are next to Sergeant Uptight and McDrone." Sam said to Wally.

They all went into their newly acquired rooms and found that they were all pretty much the same layout. Right next to the door was the light switch (of course), the drawers were just next to the light switch ( the room was long but skinny), the bed was opposite the drawers, the basin and the mirror was just in the corner of the room, and finaly there was a rug in the middle of the room. They looked like that they were'nt used in a big while for there was dust everywhere and the perfect white sheets were lying on a fading mattress.

They all found a metal tray with food on it on the Drawers. There were Spuds, Carrots and Peas, Sausages, and a dodgy looking brown substance as well as a glass next to it. There was a note next to it:

Here is the only meal you will have today, use it well. You can use the Glass to drink from the water from the basin. After you have eaten your dinner, put all of your dishes next to your door.


Cmdr Rodgers...

Sam was sitting in his room trying to think on what just went on when Wally rushed in saying. "Sam, we got the computer in the Comm room working and Crystals on! Sandra's talking to her at the moment. Come and see!" Sam walked in casually, looking to see that all that was in there was a black tower computer with an LCD monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, and a web cam on top of the monitor. As well as a table and chair. Sandra had just finnished talking to her when Crystal spotted Sam just walking in...

"Hi Sam! Now that everybody is here I would like to talk to you all about something." Crystal said in a digitalized voice. "Its such a sad situation... I wish that nothing had happened and everybody was here to enjoy each others company. Every second is getting more and more lonely... I guess that we are lucky on how this turned out, because if it was different, no, it doesnt matter. It may take a while, but I will get used to this... maybe I can think this as a holiday. Anyway thats enough about me, whats happened with you guys?"

"Yeah, its been hard without you around..." Jack said in a low voice. "Not everybody likes us here Crystal, we have only met one person who actually became a friend to us. He rode with us in the back of the van, his name is Sparky. Quite a nice guy actually, even though his father is Broadshoulders."

"WHAT! Sparky is Broadshoulders son? I dunno about this, but I guess that you have it all under control, I hope."

"Hes not as quick to judge as his dad his," Replied Sandra, "Apparently he gave us an early warning so we respect him. We give you lots of love Crystal, we miss you so much already."

"I miss you lots too Crystal! I'm waiting till we can meet again face to face." Wally said to Crystal. "We have to go, its nearly 10 to 11 so we have to get to bed! Boy does time fly."

There was then a wave of good-byes from both ends of the monitor and Sandra shut down the computer. "I guess we hit the sack... good night you guys." Sam said to the group, and he was replied with a series of goodnights back. And as the lights dim in this Installation we find our friends crawling into unfamiliar beds wandering what will happen to their unpredictable lives next.

Meanwhile at the checkpoint just outside the entrance to the base two marines stand on the most hated duty, even more that toilet duty, night sentry duty. Not only was it freezing cold at night, but there was almost no action to keep them awake. Just the cicadas singing to the nightly silence, and the light humming a lulaby to the marines who are barely staying awake. The lone stretch of road seemed endless, and with a box for a shelter that stood next to this lone road these two marines start to talk to each other about what has happened recently.

"Have you heard about our 'New Arrivals'?"

"No, I haven't, why?"

"What do you mean you haven't! Its all over the station news man! Keep with the times!"

"Hey, dont blame me for that mess in the cafeteria! Thanks to that I've gotten 'Confined to Barracks' for a week! And that sucks, Damm Sergeant. Whats the news on them anyways?"

"Apparently they are of the Paranormal kind, the REAL kind. No-one knows exactly but some say that theres a Demon in our midst! I dont believe in that crap, but what I do believe is that theres a wizard thats just come in, some have even said that they have seen a giant rabbit! I don't know if the stories are true myself... but there are definatly some strange stuff sleeping with us now."

"Man, you've been smoking too much man, its a miracle that they dont catch you with that stuff. Speaking of that stuff... you got any?"

"Yeah sure. But I'm waiting till its past midnight, we are expecting something at twelve."

"Ok, I'm feeling a bit tired so I'm just going to walk the perimeter for a bit. Oh and by the way, I've gotten my full licence so do you want to go for a drive tomorrow?"

"Sure. Have a good time." The marine said to his mate as he looked out the window towards the base, seeing headlights in the distance. 'Guess they're early this time.' he thought to himself.

The midnight patrol was rolling out a little early tonight under orders from the top. The patrol was done in the usual Hummve Jeep with huge headlights lighting more than 20 metres in front of them. Their patrol route went around the whole base, and by some new orders, through a small valley that lead in the general direction of Miscellaneous...

Chapter Three:

'BAM, BAM, BAM.' There was banging at everybodies doors. "GET UP! GET UP NOW! COME ON, NOW!!" There was yelling outside these non-sound proof walls. Even though our group of unusual friends have been through a lot of scary stuff, just the sound of these voices still made them jump out of bed, run out side and stand next to their doors like statues... all except Sandra. Sandra had opened her door, yawning with her clothes still on and just stood next to her door as if it was Crystal telling her to get up (if it was like Jack telling her, then she would of just set him alight and go back to sleep). Everyone just looked at Sandra, and Sandra replied with a confused look and said, "What?" in her raspy voice. This was the first time the two guards had seen her without her cloak on, and boy did they get the shock of their lives.

"Uh...."one of them said in a shaky voice. "I guess that you have had a nice sleep." Just as he said that the gang looked at the guard with sleepy, angry, but not bothered looks. "If you want breakfast then you have until 0800 to have it, then the rest of the day is yours. But I warn you again, never go into any doors that you are not supposed to." They then just turned round and walked quickly away.

"Heh, great work Sandra! Looks like you have shaken up Sergeant Uptight and McDrone! Lets hope that their attitude keeps like this..." Wally said to Sandra in a happy tone. "Ok, Whos up for breakfast?"

"Lets hope it doesnt bring back memories of a previous cafeteria that I shall not speak its name, THAT would bring back horrible memories! Uuurrr, too late." Jack said to Sandra.

"Great... I'll just grab a cup of coffee then go back to my room." Sandra said in a sluggish voice.

As they walk to the cafeteria they get looks from the locals. They pass through a large corridor filled with Marines and officers walking back and forth from breakfast and their training sessions and lectures. They passed through the crowd without pushing at all, infact many of the people in the corridor try to move to get out of their way, not trying to get them startled or have them talk to them. Theres a mixed look in the air, some are frightened out of their minds because its the first time they have seen something like this, others just have a surprised look, and finaly the hardened veterans just look on as if they wern't there. Sandra walks on as normal, Wally has a mixed look between being depressed and embarased, Sam puts a hand apon his face and thinking 'not this again', and finally Jack just looks side to side, looking at all of the eyes thats looking at him. The doors to the Mess Hall looms over them as they push them out of their way and come into a sea of tables, people and many food trays. Some people stare at them, some who has finnished and usually stay to talk immediately stand up and walk out the door looking at them in a evil way, and those who are half way through try to finnish a little more quickly.

The Mess hall was huge, rectangular in shape it had the food station on one end which was right next to the main doors, and had a sea of metallic tables, some taken, some free and some just plain dirty. Sandra makes her way to the over-used coffee machine with coffee grains all over it, pours herself a big mug of coffee and starts to go out the door when a man in a white uniform comes up to her saying in a small voice "Uh, Your not supposed to take that out of here, so could you please." Just at that moment Sandra looks at him with her head tilted towards him, eyes staring and mouth slightly open, and then that man just said "Go ahead.... uh, JUST GO!" he then runs towards the food station trying to look busy. No one takes Sandras coffee from her, especially in the morning. Sandra mumbles the word idiot to her self while making her way to her room. Jack, Wally and Sam just look onwards and get their breakfast of Hash Browns, Bacon, Baked beans and Scrambled Eggs. They then make their way to a table that has one person on it, they sit down and almost immediately that one person stands up with his half eaten breakfast and moves to the other side of the Mess Hall. Jack thinks to himself 'Boy are we welcome here, and I think being away from Crystal has made Sandra some what 'de-humanised'. I think Crystal was the only person in the house who actually kept her going, kept her human side alive. And now that shes gone, I dont know how long she will last on her own.'

This is the first time that they have actually SEEN the new arrivals. There was a small group of marines sitting at a table that could visibly see them, they all look onwards in shock. One of them was a Giant rabbit, two of them looked human but one of them has a checkered shirt on that seems to not have any seems at all, and finaly there was a horrible sight.

"Hey, aint that the Devil?" One marine asked

"Nah, couldn't be, aint the Devil a guy?"Another asked

"Then what else could she be man?"

"I hear that the Devils red, but this one is Black and White like a Zebra. This one could be a Demon. Hey didnt we sign up to get rid of things like these?"

"Yea! If I had the chance I would pump those idiots full of lead!"

"I bet ya $10 that you couldn't even hit them!"

"Your on!"

The marine then positioned himself to face their table, puts a Baked Bean on his fork, takes aim and fires. This lone Baked bean flies through the air, red tomato sauce flying off the light brown skin, lets call it SUPERBEAN! Superbean stops going up and starts to go down in an arch, it then starts to fall towards Wally. The bean makes a light thud when it hits Wally, and the marine quickly turns round and pretends to eat his breakfast. Wally then turns round and looks for who threw something at him, rubs his head and turns back round.

"Told ya! Now hand it over Sucker!" The marine said to the better.

"Here, lucky shot..."

Sparky was walking back to his bunkroom to get ready for Physical Training, or PT for short, when a feminine voice said over the intercom, "Leader of the 'Black Dawn' team is to report to the Commanders office at once, that is all."

'Ohh, I wonder what Sir wants now! Hes always contacting me for one reason or another, why cant he just leave me alone!'

Unknowing as Sparky is, Derek was going to ask him the question that will shake his very reasons why he joined this team... after meeting Sandra, Jack, Wally and Sam, he was sure that not all supernatural creatures was as they was, but some were genuinly trapped within something inescapeable. Dereks office was a reasonably large room with thick blue carpet on top of the cold hard steel. His desk sat right at the end of the room with a bookcase to the right and a table with vodka, whiskey, rum and 4 small glasses. Right behind him was the flag of his department, a black flag with a red lightning bolt in amongst an orange circle with writing that said what his department was called along with the motto ' Cleansing this world for the Greater Good.' Just in front of his desk was two wooden chairs, that matched his wooden desk. At that moment Sparky walked in, seeing into the large LCD screen in the wall right next to the table. It was screening the United States of America, it then zoomed into Washington DC.

"Yes, sir? Why did you call for me?" asked Sparky

"Come, Stand here, I want you to see this." He moved over to the LCD screen, with Sparky following him. Standing in front of it he carried on. "You know of our plans by now, do you?"

"Not clearly sir."

"Ok, I will fill you in... we all know that Supernatural creatures inhabit our fine country, It will be our job to cleanse this country, and maybe the world. That you should already know, the President doesnt want this to happen, he says that the military expences should be spent elseware. Since the President doesnt like our methods, we will have to relieve him of his command, by force if needed... Are you prepared to go all the way with this Sparky?"

They then look at each other with Sparkys eyes starting to frown, "No! This is absurd! I may let you supress the 'Things' you dont like... but this has gone too far! I will never be part of this! The President may not like your ways, but for good reason!" Sparky then turned around and just as he was about to walk away Derek said to him, "Ok then, I shall not keep you here then, by 10 o'clock tonight I shall sign a tresspass order against you if you are still here. Dismissed!" Sparky then stormed out of the office and went straight to his new friends dormitories.

The gang was all in the same room, the communications room with Crystal on the screen. "Guys, Its been very lonely here. I miss you so much, I've been hearing noises outside. I dont know how much longer I can deal with this. Wait what was that?..." Crystal then stood up and said "Hey! Who are you! What..." Static filled the monitor. "CRYSTAL!!" Sandra yelled into the microphone, "CRYSTAL, ARE YOU THERE!?" Nothing happened other that the occational flicker of the static, it then blacked out. Just then Sparky just stormed into the room, they all looked at him.

"I know of what just happened, his plans are going into action. Theres not much time to explain... so listien clearly." He told them of Dereks plans, they all had shocked faces, especailly when he told them of Dereks plan to 'cleanse' the world of the Supernatural, especially them. "I will need to steal J.A.C.O.B's Harddrive, which will make him un-usable."

"Jacob? This sounds a whole lot familiar to what we have gone through before. Let me guess, Jacobs an AI built by this division?" Jack said.

"Yes, he would be, and we will have to trigger a chain reaction in the installations Nuclear Power plant, right?" Sam also said .

"You people are smarter than I thought. Heres the plan..."

Chapter 4: Supercharge

"I sure hope this works..." Jack muttered to himself as he walked along with Sparky. Sparky hypothesised that the rest of the base would'nt know of his 'desertion' so with luck he could just walk in and take the harddrive. But if anything did go wrong, he had Jack to help him. The halls were long and snakey that led to the technological areas of the base, there was long coloums of wires and glowing energy lining the hallway that led to JACOB. But there, it was hard to make out, there was a dark figure in the hall, stopping them from reaching JACOB. The Figure began to speak...

"Stop here, and turn away. I shall not go easy on you Sparky if you don't."

"No! Who... wait, is that you? Jarod? Don't you understand Jarod! Once Derek gets what he wants, you will be just more paranormal! Let us through, or better yet, join us in stopping this maddness!" Sparky replied. Jack started to feel that he would be the one fighting if this gets sour.

The dark figure named 'Jarod' stood there for a second or two then started to speak, "No, thats where your wrong... he's promised me safe passage in exchange of my services."

"No, Thats where YOUR wrong here." Jack felt that there was an echo in here, "Derek's not that type of person! But knowing you, you won't listen to what I have to say. Jack..."

That was Jacks que, he immediately stepped infront of Sparky, and Jarod started to move his fingers in motion. Suddenly a dark beam shot away from Jarod in a blur and the air around Jarod started to 'ripple'. Jack anticipated this and wrapped his shirt around him and Sparky. "Dark magic, why? It eats you from the inside... you only last a few minutes in a battle, except when your old enough, but most wizards of that art dont last that long. Why have you lasted this long, I can tell by your age, its impossible!" Jack said to Jarod.

"You see, I've told you earlier that I hate magic... so that stops the magic from consuming me, feeding on me. Which means I can last as long as you can, pitiful Light Wizard!"

Jack realised this with a shock! How would he defeat this wizard now that he knows that he is more powerful that him and can last as long as him! He had to think of something and fast. Jarod's 'bolts' were just keeping on coming, and Jack was trying to defend himself with his cloak, Jack would hypothesise that he would be exausted in 30 minutes if he didnt think of something soon...

Sam and Wally was walking slowly along a wide corridor with many lines on the shiny floor. It was surprisingly quiet in this corridor because it not only led to the Main Reactor room, but it housed the Maintenance Storage rooms, and the Supply Warehouse.

"I don't like this one bit." Wally said to Sam,

"This is the scene where we get ambushed, prepare yourself." Sam said back to Wally. Wally then began to watch the doors closely, there were doors that had the words 'Main Storage' and 'Project:Podjursky' also 'Janitor' there were also un-marked doors. A door opened right in front of them and a huge African-American stood infront of them, and they both stood in surprise, even Sam.

"Well, now, Where are you two going in such a hurry? Wheres the party?" He sniggered

"...If you excuse us we will be going now. Bruno." Sam said to Bruno

"Ah, now I don't want you to go so soon... I want to introduce you to someone." Wally was lost in all of this while Sam knew exactly what was happening.

"Bring it on, I know all of your moves. I've seen all of this before."

"Ok, Looks like you will enjoy meeting my little friend." Then all of a sudden Bruno charges forward and lunges out at Sam, while Wally backs up a bit. Sam, enticipating this steps aside. "Thats the best you'rve got?" Sam taunted. Hearing this Bruno then turns quickly and takes another charge at Sam, with Sam sidesteping and triping up Bruno in the Process. Wally looked at the clock at the wall, 11:30 pm, 'whew!' Wally thought to himself and started to wolf. Sam meanwhile was dodging all of Bruno's punches and nipping away at Bruno, which made the giant bull even angrier. Wally had finnished wolfing when Sam had dodged one of Brunos superpunches and at that precise moment Wally had a little bit or Courage, or was it stupidity... Wally lunged at Bruno. Sam Yelled "WALLY! NO!", and time stopped when Brunos punch connected with Wally's stomach. The look on Wallys face was that of pain, sadness, and slowly draining of life, knocked out cold for some reason or did he faint from the lack of air?

'click' "Patrol 21a should now be approaching ML hanger 13." 'click' said a female voice over the intercom.

Sandra looked up above the door that she was about to open when she saw the words 'Hanger 13'. 'Crap' she thought to herself. She tried to open the door but a rattling noice and noticing a keycard slot becide the knob gave her the idea that she needed a card to open the door. She heard large thuds that resembled foodsteps around the corner from the Hanger door, the hallway seemed to cringe as if it knew what was going to happen, and the lights along the side start to rattle. A group of 4 marines came around the door seeing Sandra. They had their combat suits on, which looked a bit like a modern suit of medieval armour, complete with a thick glass visor, lights and gas tanks and everything. "Hey! Your not allowed here!" Yelled one of the marines, Sandra gave them a shocked but unshakened look.

"You would turn around and walk if you knew whats good for you! Bring it on!" Sandra yelled back in her low raspy voice.

"Heh, Your an't leavin here alive, Bitch!" Yelled what looked like an over confident rookie. The marines then reached for the triggers of their Gauss Rifles, a long range hand held machine gun which fired short bursts of powerful bullets that could tear through flesh like a chainsaw. Sandra anticipated this and jumped onto the roof and started to crawl at unnatural speeds towards them, the marines responded by pelting the roof with their weapons, hitting Sandra in an old familiar scar, her torso. Sandra yelled in pain and in rage, melting the 'guy who shot her's suits from the inside through torching the body, making him screaming and trying to rip his suit off with his bare hands, which in turn gave him 3rd degree burns and eventually made him kill himself from all that pain.

The marines then tried to side step a raging Demon, but was too slow. Sandra brought 2 of the marines onto the ground turning them around to stop the onslaught of bullets rained down from the standing marine, riddling his two mates bodies with his doings. He shouted out in horror as Sandra leaped up and hacked at him with her razors called fingers, she was playing with him infact, blowing some of the lights in the process. Finding that in the process that all of the marines keycards had been smashed Sandra sniffed the air in bloodlust and said to herself...

"I smell ambush..."

Jack was getting pelted again and again with the dark matter in which surrounded Jarod. Jack was getting tired, very tired, until Sparky yelled out to him... "Jack! Dont give up! I dont really believe in magic much, but you must! Dont give up on it! If you say what magic is, then if you just believe, maybe you can beat this guy!" Jack then clicked, 'Thats it!' Jack thought to himself. He then stood up straight, looking Jarod straight in the eyes. Jarod still threw his bolts, but somehow didnt beat Jack down... Jack seemed to just absorb it, Jarod then backed up in horror. Jack walked right up to Jarod.

"I DONT UNDERSTAND! WHY DONT YOU DIE!" Jarod yelled out in desperation.

"You dont understand because you dont understand magic. Magic is infact a living thing, if you dont respect it, then you cannot control it. You said so yourself that you hate magic, its been a miracle that the magic still stays with you... you cannot continue without respecting the arts." Jack then put his hands over Jarod and invited the magic away from him.

"NO!!! Why! This cannot be... why..." Jarod cried and mumbled to himself. " Finnish Me! I have no use now!"

"No, that is not what I do. Sparky, you go ahead, I'll deal with Jarod here. Jarod, you dont have to die, why do you hate magic so much?"

Jarod then wiped his tears with his sleeve, "Well, it all started a while ago. I was young, my father was an alchololic, always at the pub. He never was around, and when he was he always hit me... he kept on hitting me... he said that I was useless." Jarod sobbed, "HE NEVER LOVED ME! He said so himself!"

"Whoa! I didnt know!"

"Thats not the bad part, my dad kicked me out of the house when I was young and I had to wander the streets trying to make ends meet by picking food out of bins. Until a man talked to me 'I know why you cry, I can help, come with me...' I knew then that there was something special about him, I followed and later on found out that he was a master of Dark Magic, which reminded me a lot of my father. I dont want to talk about that part, its too deep. Then Derek found me in his own special way, pretty much the same way you met this department. Oooh...." Jarod then cried his heart out, Jack approached him and comforted him.

"Hey, its ok, Magic can be your friend, you have just been clouded by lies and rules. Come," Jack then reached his hand out to Jarod, "You can be my friend, I can teach you more."

Jarod then grasped Jacks hand and was helped up, "Yes, I shall be your friend. It feels better!"

"What does?" Jack asked

"The light side, its so warm."

Sparky then ran towards the two, "Hey Jack! Ive got Jacob!"

"Great! Hey I've got things to tell you on the way back!"

"Hey! Your friend here aint so tough!" Bruno yelled out to Sam, "Give me a real Challenge!"

Sam felt that he wont last very long, he was beginning to think that this show will end unexpectantly. Bruno started to walk up to Sam menacingly, smelling Sams fear. The thuds of his footsteps didnt shake Sam though, he just stood there giving Bruno the evil eye. Sam then smiled, "What you smiling about? Are you actually happy to meet my fist here?!" "No," Sam Answered Brunos call, "But they might." Sam then pointed behind Bruno's back. "Eh?"

Air came to Wally's lungs as Jack knelt down and touched him on his stomach, and Jarod then stepped forward from behind Jack. Bruno stepped back in horror as Jarod smiled. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! YOUR SUPPOSED TO OF KILLED THEM!" Bruno yelled to Jarod.

"I guess that Ive seen the light of the situation, you see. Im not quite the same as you, Bruno, I would be 'another wizard' in his eyes when he comes to power. Unlike you..." Jarod replied in a calm manner.

"Well then," Bruno started to back away, "I guess that you are all traitors, Traitors to the American Public!" He then turned his back and ran down the hall and out of sight.

"Right, back to business then?" Wally gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

"Yes, right this way..." Sparky then pointed down the hall.

A group of 5 marines and a Sniper walked along a long and dark hallway, which was ripped apart by an unnatural force. There was also two enginneers in the middle carring a large yellow box with a radioactive sign on it. They all marched down the hall, steps echoing and all, marines all tense with their trigger fingers ready. Finnaly they stopped right underneath a 'cross-roads' with a giant slow going fan buzzing around above them. The 2 enginneers then pressed a button on the box, a light went green, and the lid slowly opened. Inside the case was... Ice cubes(lots of them), A cold fusion short range bomb, and most important of all... Beer cans. The marines stopped, popped their visors and grabbed a beer.

"Thank God for cold fusion!" Said one marine.

After a couple of minutes one of them asked, "Hey, are we really gonna blow this place?"

"Only if we see a Demon!" one of them replied

"Hey! Got my Demon right here! Hehehe..." The marine then started to gulp down his beer. Then all of a sudden, a black and white striped tail grabbed that marine by the head and dragged him up, which was followed by horrible screams of horror and gurgling noises. All of the marines, enginneers and the Sniper got their weapons ready. They all traced their weapons along the shadows of the walls. The light from behind the fan was playing tricks on them... the fan seemed to grow louder and louder. They then heard a low raspy scream that echoed along the halls. A large shadow then moved along the north corridor, alive in his fear, one of the marines yelled out, "OPEN FIRE!!! CRAP ITS HERE!" The room was then alive with bullet fire, chips flying off the walls and doors. Until finally she imerged, but some of the Marines so concentrated on the shadows dont notice her and carryed on. Some even yelled stuff like "BEHIND YOU!" which confused the marines even more. All, but the sinper who was frozen in fear, was ripped apart like a play toy. Sandra then walked up to the Sniper, which had a black jumpsuit on and a highpowered sniper rifle on his back, and she grabbed his keycard from his pocket and whispered in his ear... "boo!" The sniper then turned around and ran like his life depended on it, no, it did depend on it.

Sandra then walked up to the Keycard slot, swiped it and walked into the Hangar.

"Intruders in Main Reactor Core Control Room, Security respond!" A feminine voice boomed out of all of the speakers along the base, 'crap' the team thought as they just got in the door. "Right, no time to lose! I'll set the coolents to rise and lock in place in 1 hour. Wally, come help me, Jack and Jarod, hold the door, and Sam... uh... help Wally." Sparky put his natural leadership instincts in place and took hold of the situation. They all knew exactly what to do, except Sam who was standing there thinking what to do while fiddling around in his pockets. Jack and Jarod watched the door and put up a circumference sheild across the doorway. Wally stood next to Sparky giving him what he needed, like a boot disk, drivers CD, and a manual(yea right). The situation was tense, the classic 'loading bar' was in place on the screen and Wally and Sparky was staring at it thinking 'come on, COME ON!' Finally the loading was complete and the timer was set, Sparky looked around seeing bullets flying off the shield, Wally staring at him as if thinking 'What now?' and Sam was, 'come to think of it, where was Sam?' Sparky thought to himself.

"Hey, where's Sam?" Sparky asked

"I don't know. He was just there a moment ago, wait, here he is." Wally then said. Sam was just coming out of the Reactor Core taking off a radioactive suit.

"What were you doing in there?!" Sparky yelled at Sam.

"Just making something foolproof." Sam then said, "You don't have to worry."

"Great, look, we obviously cannot come out the way we came so we should go out the air vents!" Sparky said pointing to the Air vent along the wall.

"Oh goodie, how predictable!" Sam said to Sparky,

"Well what other choices do we have?" Jack yelled as he was withstanding the array of weaponry.

"Good point." Sam replied. Starting from Sparky, they all began to crawl into the vent, but before Jack went in he yelled to Jarod, "GO! Don't worry about me! I've got something in mind!"

"But what about..."Jarod said, soon to be cut off by Sam, "Don't worry about him, JUST GO!"

Epilogue: Cuts, Bruises, Fallout... to the soul

All was silent in the house, the environment was gloomy, the house was darker than ever. There was no comfort for Sandra, no emotion, nothing for herself, nothing except the black stains around the house. Many of the stains is of the crying that she has done ever since she has gotten home, others of Jack persuading Sandra to set him on fire (which didn't work) in the end Jack set fire to himself and danced around in front of Sandra without luck. Sandra had shut herself in her room. Her gloominess had spread to others as well, Crystal is not as happy as she would be if Sandra wasn't in tears, Wally isn't trying to smooch Crystal (instead hes sitting on the couch slowly turning the pages of a week old newspaper), Jack sits now in his room with Tomie in one hand and a pile of matches and kerosene next to his other hand all scorched, Sam sits on the couch (sitting up) with whiskey in one hand and the remote slowly slipping from his hands. Jarod and Sparky are nowhere to be seen, taking a long walk, a walk to wherever their feet will take them, only returning when it is ready to come back, depending on Sandra's ability to bring it all together.

All that went through her head were a voice, she knew that it was the one in her dreams, speaking of when she came home “She looked into your eyes and saw what lay beneath, don't try to save yourself, the circle is complete. We are reaching out to take you and nothing else can touch me.”

Sandra now has one more thing to slam herself from the outside world, to torture herself for. She knows now that she is still drifting into the sea of inhumanity, the ever going sea created by the Devil. The only way to escape that sea is to pick up the pieces of the ship, with the help of friends, and paddle onto shore, where the rest of the human race is waiting patiently for her, especially her mother, to come home. Home, where there is salvation, where there is somebody who truly loves her, no matter what...

Authors Note:
This is my 'Story' on the Sandra Side. I hope that you peoples liked it, PM me if you have some improvements that I could do so that I can have the courage to write another story. ALSO, I like the way on how Joe sometimes draws stuff fer other Fanfics *Cough Cough*
(You dont havta do it straight away Joe, or do it at all KD but an idea would be do the scene when the 'Black Dawn' Team runs in a row in the Hanger.) LOTSA GRATITUDE 2 JOE! KEEPIT GOING! FANFICTION PROOVES THAT YOUR COMIC IS SUROUNDED BY ADDICTS!