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These volumes exist thanks to the patience and support of my audience. If you've already contributed $15.00 or more through Patreon (or $35.00 for those of you who happen to be Canadian, and $40.00 for anyone who’s neither Canadian nor American) then you can shoot me a message to request a book. Otherwise, just use the purple PayPal buttons below! Digital copies will be delivered via email. Be aware that overseas shipping rates may be high. Customs fees may apply.



- Volume 1: the First Printing is on sale! While supplies last, I’m offering a 25% discount on the earliest version of the earliest book, made before I applied the spit and polish of later printings. My standards have evolved over time, but much like the primordial days of Zebra Girl, some might say that my initial efforts have a particular charm. The content is largely identical to the modern versions of Volume 1 below, though the ink is comparatively pale and it lacks some of the aesthetic touches I added with the Ka-Blam line.

- Volume 1: Black and White Geist collects strips and pages published online from 2000 to 2002, Hell in a Handbasket through Angels With Dirty Fur. Sandra Eastlake and her friends must cope with a magical accident which alters the course of their lives!
6.75” X 10.25” softcover, 86 comic pages

- Volume 2: The Twilight Zoo collects strips and pages published online from 2002 to 2005, Back in Black and White through Hunting Mystery. Can the crew continue to sustain a lifestyle that’s increasingly crowded by supernatural forces and prying eyes?
6.75” X 10.25” softcover, 92 comic pages

- Volume 3: Downward Spiral collects strips and pages published online from 2005 to 2009, Communicationward through Disaccord. Sandra starts on a dangerous path, one which even her dearest friends might not be able to follow her down.
6.75” X 10.25” softcover, 106 comic pages

- Volume 4: Sandra in the Outlands collects strips and pages published online from 2009 to 2013, Sandra in the Outlands. Adrift and fallen from grace, Sandra sets out on a quest to regain what she’s lost… and possibly what she no longer misses!
6.75” X 10.25” softcover, 88 comic pages

- Volume 5: Heaven on Earth collects strips and pages published online from 2016 to 2018, Heaven on Earth through the Epilogue. Zebra Girl returns to see if she can finally make peace with her world, her loved ones, and with who and what she is.
6.75” X 10.25” softcover, 213 comic pages