Fan Fiction

The Ascension
by Phillip Podjursky
Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Chapter 1: The Calling

I wake up in my bed, I look beside me, and my wife has already gotten up. My house is a few streets away from St Lukes Miscellaneous, the one near the alleged gas leak. The house had yellow walls with a red corrugated roof. Our inside walls were vinyl wooden walls, with the matching wooden furniture. I got up from the bed and put on my dressing gown. On this Sunday morning my wife and kids had already gotten up before me, "Hello Paul, long night was it?" asked my Wife, Elaine.

"Yes it was, I nearly fell asleep on my sermon."

"The times 9 o'clock daddy!"

"I know John, you and mum go off without me, I will meet you there."

They then go out to the car as always, and I usually walk to church so I should be going soon. I quickly ate the toast and drank coffee that Elaine made for me. I then got dressed in my black shirt and trousers and the white thing around my neck. I walk out the door grabbing my hat and my coat that says Paul Jones on the tag. I see the drive way going up to the street along my L Shaped house, and as I walk down it I can see my next door neighbor going to church in his car. He says "Do you want a ride, Pastor?"

"No, I will be fine thank you, I want to walk anyway."

"Ok Paul, have a nice walk."

I walk down the street and was about to turn left when I heard a small voice that told me that I had to go straight ahead and take the next street. As always I listen and follow that voices instructions. The street seemed to go darker, lonelier, and the houses seemed like they had been abandoned for ages. This was very strange for I knew people that live in these houses. I turn to the left into one particular street, the street with the so-called Haunted House. I then hear the voice saying go to this house and to ask for a girl, a girl named Sandra.

Many people remember their dreams, I remember mine quite well. There was the Girl in the brown robe, she was walking down a path of darkness and depression, I heard that voice inside my head, 'Go Paul, remember what I have said in the bible, you must not call what God has cleansed unclean!' I didn't know what it meant then, but now I do. We must tell EVERYBODY the good news, not just the church goers, not just the friendly neighbor, but the people on the streets, those that are lost and to those who truly need it.

I walk up to the door, I knock and a boy with a checkered shirt answers the door, he asks "what is your business here, what do you want, Pastor."

I reply "May I speak to Sandra?"

I saw a brief shocked look on his face and he then said "I ... I shall see."


I remember my outburst to God, he wasn't any help at all, he didn't even reply to my calls. I was desperate, desperate for an answer, why I was turned into ...into this. Why I couldn't have a life. I feel the depression overwhelming me, I can see the darkness enfolding around me, and I've seen what lies beyond Limbo. I put my long claws upon my face, and I start to cry. I see Jack flying through the door saying loudly "Sandra, there's a Pastor here to see you, I feel something strong inside him, something more powerful than me, or any wizard for that matter."

"What do you mean Jack?"

"I think this is the Creator, or the Creator is with him. Life in this universe was not created my mere chance Sandra; it was created by something more powerful than anything imaginable, something outside the bounds of time. I don't know if we should trust him, but I would take a chance. If I was you that is."

"Jack, I don't know, but I will give it a try. Right now I will try anything to cure my depression."


I was sat down in the lounge, I looked around, there was, darkness, all I could see was darkness draped across the walls, and the usual things like the T.V, the couch, the pictures on the wall, and the comfy chair, where I was sitting. I looked at the stairs, they seemed like they were alone, without a friend, forgotten. Then I saw a dark figure dressed in a brown robe. She looked at me with a sad, depressed look, I smiled back and put joy into my face, I then saw a look I wouldn't forget.

Chapter 2: The teacher of Good News

She walked down the stairs watching me always; I tried to liven up the darkness over here by smiling and giving a good attitude. She sat down with the guy in the checkered shirt on the couch. I look into her eyes and see a world of sadness, despair and struggle. I tell her "I know that you have had hard life, filled with darkness and despair, I know that you have fallen and have not gotten up. I don't know how, nor do I know why."

The look on her face was a shocked look, as if she knew what I was saying. "I have the gift of the Holy Spirit, and I was called here to tell you the good news from God. Although God does not speak out so obviously, he does talk to you soul, if you want to listen that is. I know that you are clouded and don't know what to do. But don't worry, for I have good news to tell you, Jesus Loves You."


Those three words shook my soul, 'Jesus Loves You.' I have heard it before, but he said it with truth and something inside me tells me that it is true. I want to know more, I want to know what Jesus wants with me.


"Jesus has died for you on the cross, he had brought on the sins of all life, and the sins had died on the cross with him. But he did something that the devil could not do; he had defeated death, and had risen again, so if you let Jesus into your heart and be your friend, you can join him in heaven. God can give you peace and everlasting life in heaven, he can relieve you of your burden, he can save you, he can forgive your sins, he can be your friend, if you just ask. Do you have any questions?"

"Can he take away my curse, can he truly let me into heaven."

"Yes, not only will he let you into heaven, but at this moment and forever more, he loves you unconditionally like you were his daughter. I shall give you time to think about it. If you want, I will be in St Lukes Church tonight; you may come at any time before 1 am. Good day to you." I then get up and start towards the door.

"Is it worth it, will he accept me?"

"The answer to your questions are yes. Oh and one more thing, my name is Paul Jones." I reply. I then leave this house, but I also leave behind Gods blessing, and the Holy Spirit to guide them.


"He seems to speak the truth; I do hope that what he has said was true. But he spoke to me as if he knew what I had gone through, as if he knew what I was. But he said that he didn't at the beginning." I said to Jack.

"This Pastor is like one I have never encountered before; I could sense something with him, as if there was a Spirit with him. This spirit had enormous power, a power that was more powerful than mine. This Holy Spirit must be true." Jack replied

"What the Pastor said to me, it seemed to affect me somehow like it lightened my mind. If felt power come into me, but it was soft and warm."

"But I thought that Magic didn't affect you!"

"I don't think this was ordinary magic, Jack, I hope that this can help me."

Chapter 3: The Miracle

By the time I got to church it was 11 o'clock(am). I saw that everyone was gone, everyone except for Elaine and the kids. Elaine had an angry look on her face; she walked up to me and said, "Where were you! We were worried about you, why didn't you come!"

"I'm sorry Elaine, I had a call from God, I had to talk to a person in the dark."

"I'm sorry, it must have been important if God called you to do that."

"Let's go home for lunch, but I have to be back at church at 12."

I had lunch; I had toasted sandwiches with orange juice. I told my family where I was during the morning, my kids were uninterested as always and carried on watching TV, but Elaine had a forgiving look on her face, "I now know why you didn't come to church, and I forgive you for that." I looked on the clock and saw that the time was quarter to twelve, so I said good-bye to Elaine and the kids and said I wouldn't be seeing them until 1 o'clock the next morning. I arrive at the church and unlock the doors, I open the windows that side the church, got out some overdue paper work and started to work on them.

The church was beautiful, vinyl furnishings, white walls, and stained glass windows right up the front, the cross up the front of the church above the doors and the pews and lectern up the front of the church on the top of a series of stairs. Time went slowly, but I kept my promise, to pass the time I prayed to God for answers.


Sandra stayed in her room for a while, thinking about what the Pastor said. Crystal and Wally came back at 1 o'clock after Apartment hunting, and Sam was sitting in front of the TV watching Sunday documentaries saying that there wasn't anything else on. Crystal started to go up the stairs when I said to her, "Don't disturb Sandra, she has had a confusing morning."

"What happened, Jack?" asked Crystal, with Wally behind her.

"You wont believe this..." we sat down around the table with cups of coffee, I told them everything from the arrival of the pastor to the end of the conversation that gave Sandra something to think about. Crystal listened in with great interest, with Wally listening in as well.

"That would give me something to think about, that is some heavy stuff." Said Crystal

"Yes it is, even I'm confused about it." Replied Jack

"But you are a wizard, aren't you supposed to know these things?" asked Crystal.

"This is something that I haven't encountered before."

I decided to go up to my room to meditate on the current situation.

"Tomie, do you know anything about this?"

'I only know one thing Jack, this 'spirit' is something that you should think about, remember, I am only a book of evil, I do not know of anything divine.'

By the time I was finished meditating it was 11:30, I turned around to see Sandra in the doorway. The look on her face said it all.

"Jack, I want to go, I want my curse, my burden, to leave. Could you come with me?"

"Ok, I will come with ya."


I hear footsteps, but these foot steps weren't of human form, I look up from the lectern, I see Sandra in the brown robe and her friend had come as well. I hear her say "I want my curse, my burden to be lifted, Pastor; I want to live a normal life."

I felt the Holy Spirit come through me, "Come Sandra, I will pray for you."

She slowly walks up the isle; she then starts to take off her hood.


I start to take off my hood to have the Pastor see what I truly am; I show him my three eyes, my fangs, my claws, my demon patterns. But what surprises me is that the look on his face doesn't change! He still has the soft warm smile on his face. I ask him, "Why aren't you set back by my demon features?"

He replies with something that I was searching for, something that I was wishing for. "All I see is a human soul that is lost in a demons form."

He also says to me, "Sandra, I shall pray for you, and then if you want to, ask the Lord into your heart. Are you ready?"

I reply with "yes."

"Oh Lord, this person wants to lift her burden, lift her curse, listen and bless her Lord. I pray that you will heal her, and that you will guide her along your path of forgiveness." I then see a bright light from the cross in front of the room. "Lord, hear her call."

I fall on my knees and cry out to God "Oh, God, hear me, hear me this one time! I don't want this...this curse, please God, come, come into my heart, lift my curse, and heal my scars. Make me normal again!" In that last outburst I begin to cry, a drop begins to fall from my face, I hear a splash, but ... no fizz or sizzle, I open my eyes and see a small puddle of tears in front of me, I then look at my hands, my claws were starting to shrink into...FINGERS! The stripes along my body were also disappearing, I then feel my forehead with my fingers and I don't feel a 3rd eye anymore! I then run into the girls' bathroom and see a normal human in the mirror. I say "I don't believe it, I don't believe it! Thank you God! Oh thank you!" I run out to Jack to tell him the good news.

Jack looks at me and says, "I...I don't believe it. Your human...Sandra."