Fan Fiction

The Black Winger
by Phillip Podjursky

It was getting late so I started to wander towards the stairs. I then wandered into the lounge where Crystal was reading a book, it looked new, and she must have bought it from the store. I stepped closer to see what the book was. I said to her "Hi Crystal, what you reading?"

"Oh, hi Sandra, I'm just reading a book from the bookshop. It's called 'Mysteries that haven't been solved yet in World War 2 - The Book'. Its really quite fascinating, want a read?" she replied

"Ok." She then handed me the book.

The cover was quite imaginative, a dark dreary look upon some church ruins with some German tanks rolling across the cover. I opened it up and read in amazement...

'Chapter one: 'The Black Winger'

The Allies were beaten back to Britain in Europe, France is all but taken, and with Germany creeping closer to Britain, the Battle of Britain commenced with a fight in the skies. As always the Germans flew in with their bombers and pounded the living day lights out of the British public, and Britain retaliated by sending those bombers to the ground. Until then the Germans had also sent their fighter planes to counter the British counter offensive. The German air force was strong, strong enough to knock England off the map forever. But why did this not happen? Logs of mysterious disappearances have been found recently in an old abandoned chalet in France. These logs were obviously hidden from the German public for morale reasons. These logs indicated that fighter planes and many lone bombers, that had been sent over to attack Britain at night, had in fact been ripped apart by a black object... in mid air! It was too fast for their eyes to see it properly. We then inquired into many museums and institutes of history to look for any designs for such an object that the Allies had built...we had found nothing. This 'legend' had brought great morale in the Allied ranks, but it struck fear into the hearts of the German pilots who had to fly their planes at night. Once the landings at Normandy had started, these appearances suddenly stopped. No one knows why. Some say it was a Guardian Angel, some say it was a ghost pilot who died before the Battle of Britain began, some say it was a mind trick...Was this really a trick of the mind, or was Britain really saved by God. You'll have to decide!'

"That's quite a good book Crystal! Good thing you bought it." I applauded Crystal.

"Thanks, I'm up to the eleventh chapter already. You can read it later when I'm finished it." Replied Crystal

I then yawned and went up the stairs to my room, took off my clothes and went to bed. I was sitting on a cliff edge, looking out towards the sea. There were fields behind me; it reminded me of a place in a book. It was obvious that I was dreaming. Mr Chalk was standing next to me. "Why not go for a fly, beautiful weather for it." He said in his strange voice.

"What do you want!" I said angrily

"Hey, I'm on vacation, this time."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Don't you worry; you have many places to go, many things to do. Now go."

"Weirdo." I mumbled to myself as I spread my wings and took flight towards the sea.

The sea was endless, with a greenish grey line in the distance. I see spots in my eyes, I tried to rub them out, but they wouldn't go away. Until I finally realised that they were something in the distance, as I looked closer they looked like planes, and as I tried to see what they were they started to move more franticly. They came into view now. They WERE planes, they bore the symbol of the Iron Cross, Wait, why is there German planes in dream? They started to fire at me as I tried to think it through, 'No time for that...looks like I can have some real fun in this dream now.' I started to speed up, I could see the expressions on the German pilots' faces, and they were terrified. I started to rip through one of the planes tales, it spiralled into the sea, I ripped open the cockpit of one of them and tore the pilot from its seat and threw him towards the sea and I taunted him "Now here's where your swimming lessons pay off!" I stopped for a second, thinking on what I'm doing, but I shrug it off as it being a dream. As I stopped I saw one of the pilots trying to take a photo of me, I get to him and rip his entire cockpit out of his plane. I had fun tearing the planes apart like they were butter.

I started to have that kind of dream every night for the next 2 weeks...and at the end of that 2 weeks Crystal ran up to me. "Sandra, I was looking at the back of the book where all of the photos and pictures are kept...and doesn't this look like you?" she then showed me the picture, sure enough, the picture was blurry, but you could make the very basic outline of my body...the caption down the bottom was 'a picture taken by a pilot struck by the Black Winger.' It shocked me right to the bone...looks like I saved the British in the war, fancy that.