Fan Fiction

Tiger Boy
by Stacy Dooks


“Yeah, this is a great little slice of Americana, tucked just off the main roads, far enough between the big cities not to get too urbanized or 'citified'. A truly picturesque small town...”

The Origin - Part One

“Red Hart College was a fairly large campus, but there hadn't been any kind of trouble since they'd started the Tiger Patrol a few years back, walking students back to the dorms at night. But the scream lingered...”

The Origin - Part Two

“Dave rose, moving to put a hand on his friend's shoulder. Mike snarled at him, which put Dave back a pace because up close the eyes, horns, and fangs made that snarl really, really scary…”

The Origin - Part Three

“'Mike!' he ran forward, looking for something, anything to use as a weapon. This isn't like the comics, this is real. Real and scary. I take it back man, you don't have to be the Terrific Tiger B...”


“'The last thing I want is to have either of us getting our bones broken. We'll hang back for now. Mike's the toughest of us, so I'm sure whatever it is he can ahhh!' The wall exploded…”