Fan Fiction

by Phillip Podjursky
Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Chapter One

Krissy was your average University student. She liked to party with her friends, as well as cram and study for her final exams at the end of the year. It was the start of winter at Miscellaneous so the pavements were lined with a light blanket of frost and snow. It was a clear, cold and sunny day with a small breeze. The morning light foot traffic arriving at the University to either get into classes early or just to get some studying done. Only a few trees still had leaves on them around the University, and with one tree in particular being the Pine tree that Krissy had the most memories. One such memory was the time she fell asleep with her head hard against the bark due to staying up all night the previous night. When she woke up her long chestnut brown hair was in such a mess, due to all of the sap, she had to skip her afternoon class in order to run home and clean it out. She did not like looking like a mess, especially in public places.

Since it was cold, Krissy had her favorite Purple Hoodie on, which as kept her warm since she got it in her senior year at High School. She bought it first of all because purple is her favorite colour, and second of all it was to support her then boyfriend who was in the Football team at the time. After she caught her boyfriend cheating on her before the school prom not only did she dump him, but she also humiliated him in front of the entire school by spreading his baby photos during prom night. Ever since then she has been wary of getting a new boyfriend. Since she was wearing her favourite hoodie she decided to wear her lucky Jeans. These jeans was made of thick denim which was worn out at the knees. They were lucky because every time she has worn them something good, big or small, has happened to her. From finding a dollor on the street to making it to Uni on time, those jeans had brought nothing but luck for her.

Krissy was sitting under the Pine tree, which was situated near her friends Lecture room. She was reading one of her old favourite books, "Tomorrow when the War began". She got it from her Auntie who lives in Australia. She loved it because she enjoyed reading about Ellie and how just her and her friends could survive an invasion of Australia. As she was reading her book she heard her friend, Emily, yell out to her, "Krissy! Sorry im late!" Krissy lifted her head and tilted her small glasses which compensated for her long sightedness. Krissy sighed, and blinked her green eyes. "About time, I almost fell asleep waiting for you. What kept you?"

"We had a substitute teacher. Our usual teacher, Mr Standley, had some conference to go to in town. We ended up having to copy down notes instead of the practicals we usually do." Emily sighed as she thought about it. Emily is studying Physics, mainly because she wants to become a Doctor. She had already studied at a Medical School, but couldnt get into the Hospitals she wanted so she decided to get another degree under her belt to try to get in. She gave the impression that she was a perfectionist, as she never arrived at Uni un prepared or didnt ever have a messy house when she had visitors. She always denys that she is a perfectionist when asked, she just says that she doesnt like to be messy. Emily scrached her short curly blond hair, "I never want to see that teacher again, he is so BORING. All he did was either write stuff on the board or just drone on in a monotone voice." Krissy chuckled and replied, "At least you dont have to go through what I have to. Computer Programming is harder than you think. When you think you have got the code licked, it only takes one simple bug to cause you hours of scouring text. For all you know it could be just an error in a video feed or something."

"Speaking of which." Emily then motioned towards Krissy's backback resting on the ground by the tree, "Did ya get that DVD of those Scrubs episodes I asked for?" If there was one thing that those girls loved more than chocolate, it was the TV show 'Scrubs'. Krissy had a collection of DVDs spanning nearly all of the episodes, par some of the recent seasons. It was one of those shows where they did not want to miss a single episode. Otherwise they would try to beg, steal or borrow either through the internet or through their circle of friends. Krissy then covered her face with her hand and muttered 'Crap' in a shocked voice. "Damnit im sorry Emily, I slept in by mistake this morning and I had to rush out the door in order to make it on time. I forgot all about it." She then kicked herself mentaly for staying up watching those episodes that she was meant to let Emily borrow late last night.

Emily then groaned with dissapointment, "Man, I was looking forward to watching that episode before I had to do my test paper on Newtons Theories. Any chance you could get it to me before afternoon classes end? Its only for half an hour, Or don't you have the afternoon off?" Emily's blue eyes then looked expectantly at Krissy, who was starting to frown. "I was planning to get some shut eye under the tree, but I guess I'll hafta run home to get it to you in time. I'ttle be the last time I will do this for ya though Em."

Emily's eyes then lit up with joy, "Oh thank you! You are a real friend!" Emily then reached down and gave Krissy a big hug. As Krissy started to get up and grab her backpack she said to Emily, "I'll meet you back here in about an hour. You are so lucky my house is a 15 minute bike ride from here." With this they both headed off.

Jack had just finished his show at the park, and then decided to pack up. After all of the lunchtime foot traffic had gone there was really no point in staying in the park. Mainly due to the fact that it was gettting a lot colder. With Sandra still on the loose and her dark influence gripping the town, less and less people turn up to watch him. Sometimes he wonders himself why he keeps doing these shows when hardly anyone comes to watch. With a slight shiver he wrapped his plaid jacket a bit tighter around him and held Tomie close to his chest. "Why do you keep on doing these shows during winter Jack?" Tomie asked Jack telepathicly, "There really isnt much point with Sandra's influence spreading across the town." Jack then held out Tomie, smiled, remembered his first show with Wally and said to Tomie, "Even if I get through to one person a day, thats enough encouragement for me."

"If you say so." Tomie replyed.

With Tomie in hand he looked at his watch, "Ten past One?!" He thought to himself, "I better get home."

He then started to run out of the park and down the frosty footpath. Since the lunch hour had gone, most of the foot traffic had indeed dissapeared into the many small office blocks that lined the street. The odd Shopper was about the many stores that lined the ground floor of the old 1960's style buildings. The wind was really howling now, creating a tailwind behind Jack. Jack had to hurry home because he couldn't allow too much time to be wasted in the park. He had to look for Sandra now that she had dissapeared from his radar. He was so fixed in his thoughts and theories that he did not see the Bike as he was running around a corner.

Krissy walked up to her orange and black Avanti Bicycle, which was in the carpark, while putting on her black fingerless gloves. She then unlocked her bike, put on her helmet and started to peddle out of the University grounds and into the street.

After a near miss on the road she usually tries to ride on (or at least near to it as possible) the footpath, even though shes not supposed to. She doesn't usually ride as fast, but she had to get back to her flat pretty quickly, she knew that Emily did not like waiting. Last time she made Emily wait it was when they went to the movies a month or so ago. She had arrived 15 to 20 minutes late and they had missed the starting credits of the movie. Krissy tried to say sorry to Emily, but she just ended up being grumpy for a while. In the end Emily forgave Krissy, but she didnt try to be late again after that.

Once she saw the park walls she was nearly home. All she had to do then was turn round the corner, stop at the apartment block just down the road and shes there. Breathing heavily after a fast bike ride she checked her watch, "Ten past One, gotta be a new record for me." As she looked up from her watch she saw a man wearing a plaid jacket walking round the corner. As a reflex she immediately slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. As she tried to turn to try to avoid him her bike slid out from underneath her, making her land hard on the ground and knocking over the man in the process.

Pain immediately shot through her leg and shoulder, causing her to yell in pain. As the man was knocked back, the force of the impact caused him to release the book that he was holding making it fly into the air. "NO!" Screamed out the man. His scream startled Krissy, and she tried to get up to apologise. Pain ripped through her right leg as she stood up, almost colapsing again onto the ground. Both Krissy and the man then looked up to the book, which was now half open. Twisting and turning it flew back down. The man in the plaid jacket covered his face, while the girl in tears from the pain started to apologise, * sob * "I'm sorr--"

Before she could finish the book landed with the spine facing the man and a blinding light burst out from the pages as it slammed onto the ground. The light overwhelmed Krissy, who was already dazed by the accident was thrown over her now totaled bicycle and onto the open road. The man in the plaid jacket then unsheilded his eyes and looked for the girl, which was now in the middle of the road. In horror he tried to gasp out while reaching out his hand, "watchout!" Krissy sat up, now in shock from all of the pain looked behind her.

Chapter Two

Grant had just finished helping the Chiller boys load the last of the beef carcasses into the trailer of his truck and had sorted out the paperwork with the Supervisor. "Just got that last load of pigs to do after lunch right Gary?" Gary, the Supervisor, quickly glanced at the loadout sheet and replyed. "Yea, just one more. I'll see ya after lunch then."

"Yep Seeya." Grant then glanced at the clock (12:10pm), got changed out of his white overalls and into his Shorts and Jersey, put his beanie on his bald head and started up the truck. "If I get this load to Westmere quick enough I might just be able to get myself a proper lunch." He thought to himself. He then reached for the key in the ignition, started the truck, put it in gear and off he went.

He was running late, that stop for petrol had cost him 20 minutes when he found out he had a flat tyre at the back of his trailer. He was on his way back to the Abbitors when he thought to himself, "I will just hafta take my old shortcut if im gonna make it on time." With a twist of the steering wheel he then turned towards the road that lead straight past the park.

Krissy then realised that there was a truck coming straight at her, and there was nothing that she could do. Closing her eyes she whispered, "Forgive me God..." A few seconds later the truck driver despretly tried to push the breaks without jacknifing. The driver and the man on the side of the road shielded their eyes, not wanting to look at the death that was about to ensure. Sure enough, there was a violently loud * WHAP *

"SHES NOT BREATHING!" Yelled out the Paramedic, "Quick! Get her into the Ambulance, ill peform CPR on the way to the Hospital!" the Paramedic then signaled to the Ambulance Driver, "On my count, lift her onto the stretcher. One, two, three, LIFT!" With one swift movement Krissy was lifted onto the stretcher, which was then raised and put in the ambulance. A crowd had gathered with a police cordon to try to keep them away from the crash. A News team had also gathered near the cordon, documenting this tradgety. With a second ambulance tending to the truckdriver and the man who was hit by the bicycle, the Driver then sped off with lights and sirens blasing. Glancing at the police cordon which had now surrouned the immediate area, the driver nodded to the Officer at the edge of the cordon.

Inside the Ambulance the Paramedic was trying to keep Krissy alive. "Come ON! don't DIE ON ME NOW!" The paramedic then furiously pressed onto her chest while counting "one two three four five" then put her ear just above Krissys airways. "Damnit, still not breathing." With nose blocked and jaw held open she breathed oxygen into her lungs, which made Krissy's chest rise and fall with each breath.

"Now don't forget to answer BOTH questions in the test paper that im going to give you--" Mr Barrable, the Substitute teacher for Emily's Physics lecture, was abruptly interupted by a student bursting into the room. "Sir! Turn on the radio! Quickly!" Blurted out the teen.

"I don't think you should be here young man..." Mr Barrable sternly said to the teen.

"Sir, trust me, just turn on the radio!" Replyed the teen.

The teacher then reached for the stereo at the front of the lecture room, turned on the radio and then immediately turned it up.

"-- eaking News! A serious incident has occurred on the corner of Park Ave and Corrent Street at noon today with a truck coliding with a Student believed to have studied at Miscellaneous University. The Police hasn't released any details about the victim of the accident but it is believed from witnesses that the Girl tried to swerve away from a person on the footpath that she was about to hit and crashed onto the road, right into the path of an oncoming truck. She is said to be in a critical condition. Police are looking for anyone who had seen the accident and they are launching an investigation."

Stunned silence fell upon the lecture room. Emily sat there in shock worrying about Krissy.

At the hospital Krissy was being wheeled on a stretcher, with the Paramedic still performing CPR whilst kneeling above Krissy on the stretcher. The Ambulance driver was at the back of the stretcher , pushing it towards the ER Theatre. An intern was holding up a bag of blood which was being fed into Krissy's arm. "OK, whats the situation?" Asked the Doctor who was following the stretcher. "Female student who was hit by a truck following a bicycle crash. Possible broken Hips, Knees, Shoulders and Ribs, Internal Bleeding, Collapsed lungs, and also has a large head trauma. I don't think she will last very long unless we act soon." answered the Paramedic.

They reached the ER Theatre and lifted Krissy onto the bed. A constant flatline then filled the room as she was hooked up to the EKG, causing an even more tense atmosphere. "Get the Defib ready!" The Defibulator was then wheeled quickly over beside Krissy's bed and got turned on and set up. As that was happening the doctor unzipped what was left of the Hoodie and pushed Krissy's shirt down to expose the chest. The paddles were then handed over to the doctor.


Krissy's body jumped as the paddles sent an electric shock through her body. But to no avail did it start her heart.

"Again, CLEAR!"

Krissy's body again jumped, causing the flatline to remain unchanged.

"Come on! COME ON! CLEAR"

For a third time Krissy's body remained unchanged from its flatline state. With this sad news, the Doctor then signaled one of the nearby nurses to turn off the EKG. With a tear in her eye the Doctor then glanced at the clock, "Time of Death, five past two pm."

Chapter Three

Two days had passed, and all was dark in the Morgue. The table in the middle of the room shone in the moonlight as the cleaner had just left, leaving all of the utensils and surfaces sparkling clean. Most of the Cabinets in the right hand side of the Morgue were empty due to the fact that it was built no less than a month ago. A beam of moonlight shone through the lone window at the top of the wall shining onto cabinet drawer that held the corpse of Krissy Ballard.

Krissy woke up to a dark and cold environment. She was still in a daze, as if she had just woken up from a very long sleep. She found herself in a tight space, with metallic walls. Immediately she begain to panic, due to the fact that she was claustrophobic. She felt the walls were closing in on her, breathing deeply she began to whack at the walls furiously. "LET ME OUT!!" She began to scream. She immediately stopped yelling when she realised that her voice was a lot more raspy than it usually is, as if it was barely a human voice. She then remembered the bike accident and what followed. Looking around she noticed that her kicking and screaming had knocked the Cabinet that she was in out slightly which let in some of the moonlight. With what light there was she began to look over her body. Her Purple hoodie was now caked in blood and partly ripped. The now Unlucky jeans were in tatters, only just holding onto her legs.

Realising that she was still in the cabinet she steadily got out of it. When she pushed out the drawer it was a shock to her system to realise where she was. Her Uncle used to work in places like this, thing is her Uncle was a Mortician. She then very slowly got out of the big drawer. As she placed her foot onto the ground and placed her weight onto it she immediately fell forward, tipping over a tray of scalpels and scissors. She instinctively began to clinch her face waiting for the immense pain that was to ensure, only to find that there was no pain. Opening one eye she looked down towards her foot, seeing a mess of flesh and bone. Her ankle had snapped in half, only leaving the muscle tendons holding on the foot. A great fear welled up inside her, causing her to yell out a blood curdling scream.

As she screamed she felt a slight tingling sensation on her head, still looking at her foot she reached up with a shaking hand up to her head. Her hair felt very dry and felt like a substance had hardened all over her hair. As she reached the back of her head she felt the scalpel, which had been embedded into her skull. As the scalpel was pulled out Krissy put her hand onto the wound, only to feel a goopy like substance coming out of her head. She then tried to stand on her other foot, which was broken but still able to be stood on.

She stood up, shaking like hell and holding on for dear life onto the table. Looking forward she spotted a mirror. As she saw the reflection in the mirror, it almost made her faint. With her hand shaking, she began to feel up and down the left hand side of her face. It looked like she was attacked by a blender, the edge of her eyesocket had dissapeared which exposed the side of her eyeball. There were many dents and canyon like cuts all down the side of her face, which was stained by the now dried blood. She knew then what the substance in her hair was, it was her own blood. She reached up again feeling the huge gaping wound at the back of her head, picking up some of the goop that bled out ealier. As she put her hand in front of her she saw that her blood had coagulated and felt like it was milk that had long expired. She then looked down to her neck, which had moved to the side due to the neck brace not being needed anymore. Her arms were a bloody mess, in some parts there was even bone exposed which was mainly near the wrists. She could not believe what she was seeing, but the shade of her now deathly pale skin was evidence enough. 'How could this have happened? How is this even possible? What the hell am I no-- ' Before she could complete the thought in her head a great pain erupted from her stomach. It felt like she hadn't eaten in months. In a low groan she moaned, "Fooooood....... so......... hungry......"

In an instant, she saw a yellow flash coming from the doorway. Without realising it she started to limp towards the flashes of yellow. Using the Tables and walls as support she steadily made her way across the dark room towards the door. Opening the door she was immediately blasted with a bright light. As a reflex she shielded her eyes, only to see that it was just the passageway light. Uncovering her eyes she began to look around. By now she was beginning to drool, which slipped out of her mouth and made quiet splashes on the floor. The yellow flashes were becoming more common and more frequent. Her eyes were becoming more sporatic, looking left and right franticly. The hall was fairly clean, cream wallpapered walls with a white tiled floor. Spying down the hall she saw a sign saying 'Cafeteria' with an arrow pointing to the left. Immediately she began to limp faster and faster towards where she thought was food.

"This is Unit 52 responding to the disturbance at the Morgue, over." Officer Pendle was just about to finish his patrol and head home to his son's birthday party when HQ reported of a disturbance at the Miscelaneous City Morgue. Since it was near the route home he thought that he might as well go check it out. 'Whats the worst that could happen?' he thought to himself.

"Roger that Unit 52, Out" Replyed HQ.

Officer Pendle then put down his radio and picked up the coffee that he had just picked up from Maccas, sipping it and then letting out a sigh. As he glanced at his cruisers clock, 10:30pm, he thought to himself, 'Should be a quick check up, and should be back home in time for cake.' while patting the wrapped present in the passenger seat. Putting down his coffee he then started the car and pulled out of the carpark out side Maccas. It was getting quite cold outside so he turned on the airconditioning and turned on the radio to his favourite station.

Officer Pendle pulled up just outside the Morgue's front entrance, which gave an eerie feel due to the fact that it was well... a morgue at night. The empty trees that grew outside the Morgue shook in the wind, and the loose window at the front rattled. Swallowing a small amount of fear he reached for his side arm and flashlight and got out of the cruiser. The Morgue used to be the Hospitals old surgery ward, which was detached from the rest of the hospital. It was decommisioned ten years ago due to a lack of funding. It was only because the old Morgue was burnt down in a accidental fire did the old Surgery ward get refurnished into a new Morgue. So while the outside of the two story building looked like it was built in the 1950's the inside was quite modern.

Officer Pendle then walked up the concrete path up to the front door, which was left unlocked by the person who reported the disturbance. As he stepped inside the foyer he immediately turned on his flashlight. Looking around he saw the front desk, which was about 3 meters long and filled the small room. In the middle of the room he saw the cleaners trolley with some of the cleaning products spilt on the floor. To the right he saw the empty seats, and saw that the windows above them were intact. The room was dark, but a light shone under the door at the end of the room. Cautiously he walked towards the door along the carpeted floor. He opened the door to find an L shaped hallway with blood streaked across the tiles, leading from the body storage room to the Cafeteria. With the blood came a great stench, almost like a rotting corpse. All of a sudden a loud crash sounded from the Cafeteria, causing Officer Pendle to jump in fright. Breathing deeply and sweating at the brow he drew out his side arm and walked quietly to the Cafeteria. The door was slightly open, with blood splattered all over the doorhandle and floor. He slowly opened the door and fondled for the lightswitch. When he turned the lights on he could not believe his eyes.

A woman wearing tattered bloody jeans and a ripped hoodie, which was also stained with blood, was looking into the fridge and taking bites out of the food that was in it. She coughed and spat out every bite it took out of the many different foods that was kept in the fridge. When she noticed that the lights were on she immediately stood up.

With a shakey voice, Officer Pendle pointed his gun towards the woman and said with a shakey voice, "Freeze! Stop where you are.... uh... turn around slowly." The woman then obeyed what the Officer said, but as she did turn around, Officer Pendle's face grew in terror as he saw her face. Her eyes were glowing a firey yellow, and a sadistic grin that missed a few teeth appeared on her face. Officer Pendle then quickly grabbed the radio from his belt. Holding down the talk button as hard as he could he shouted, "HQ This is Unit 52, Require imm--" Before he could finish the sentence Krissy let out a bellowing roar, stretching her already ripped mouth to the limit. In a blink of an eye she then lept from the fridge over to the door way, knocking over some wooden tables along the way. As Krissy landed she immediately grabbed Officer Pendle by the throat with both hands and pinned him against the wall. "stop..... please.... I .... can't......... breath....." Gasped the Police Officer, as he was doing this he was flailing madly to try to pry Krissy's boney hands away from his windpipe. As he was trying to free himself he hit the lightswitch, turning out the lights. All he could see now was a pair of eyes that seemed as though they were on fire, as well as the sound of Krissy's heavy breathing followed by the horridly raspy words "HUNGRY....... HUNGRY!" The sounds of Officer Pendle's horrific screams and crunching bone then reverberated around the morgue. Even though he was now dead, his thumb was clenched onto the talk button allowing HQ to hear the horror that ensued.

Krissy had found herself sitting down in an alleyway in a unrecogisable part of town. She felt like she had just woken up from a drunken blackout. She reached up for the trash cans beside her and tried to pull herself up from the wet ground. She put her hand up to her forehead, feeling what she thought was a hangover. At first she thought to herself, 'What was I drinking last night?' and let out a soft 'Ow' as she looked around. She was in a small alleyway, with only a couple of trash cans and the odd cardboard box lying about. As she looked up she noticed that it was still night, and it looked like it was going to rain as well. It was quite dark in the alleyway, with the only light being from the lights in the ajacent street. As she started to walk towards the street she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a windowpane. It almost made her yell out.

She went back to the windowpane, realising the horrible truth. What happened at the morgue was all real. She looked different though, than what she 'woke up' to in the morgue. Her face looked fleshy, but not quite alive. Her skin still had the pale complection with her mouth dyed with the colour of blood. She also noticed that her eyes had deep black circles around them, and that the Iris' in her eyes had turned from her usual deep blue to a pale grey colour. She then reached for the back of her head, noticing that the wounds were gone and in their place was lifeless coarse hair. She then looked down to her ankles which, bar some scarring, had completely healed. She then bent down, feeling the scar tissue while trying to remember what happened after she left that room for food. She could remember looking down the hall, glimpsing the cafeteria sign.

Before she could reminise any more about what happened, a deep voice came from the darkness of the alleyway. "Well now, what have we got here?" Said the distinctly British accented voice, "Looks like we have a nice bird here now don't we?"

Krissy then immediately stood up, facing the voices. "Whos there?!" She yelled out. A figure emerged from the darkness, a tall blonde haired man wearing black cargo pants and a green turtle neck jersey. As the man stepped towards Krissy he noticed her bloody mouth and pale complection. He then smirked and said, "Already had lunch have we? From the look on your face I reckon that you have just woken up ey?" Krissy felt a strange feeling when she looked at this man, he didnt seem like he was... normal.

Krissy started to step back slowley, bumping into the chest of a fairly buff man. She then looked up, seeing a large face with sunglasses and a small stubble. Fear then gripped Krissy, fearing what they would do to her. She then started to creep back to the spot that she woke up in. Crouching down and arms over her head she said in a shakey voice, "Leave me alone... please." The two men smiled and the blonde haired one reached out his hand and said, "Don't worry luv, we ain't ere to harm ya. Look, we understand where ya commin from. Waking up in a dark place, feeling so scared you dont know what to do. We can help." Krissy then looked up, "Who are you?" She asked, "and what do you want from me?" The large man then spoke in a russian accent, "We are part of a Secret organisation that you might benefit from, you will not of heard of it." The Russian then pulls out a black card from his front pocket, then offers it to Krissy. "If you are interested, simply throw it into a fire and we shall come." Reluctantly Krissy takes the card and starts to look at it, seeing the words 'Order of the Midnight Sun' embedded on the front in cobalt blue. "What if I --" Krissy's question was interupted into silence as she saw that they had dissapeared without a trace. Bewildered and still confused she stood up once again and stepped into the street.

Since it was still dark there were not much people around on the streets. The cracked pavement stretched in both directions, with the empty worn road accompanying it. She was in the outskirts of town, just a few blocks away from her apartment. Large buildings lined the street as she was in the outreaches of the commercial district. It was quite an old part of town, with the early colonial style buildings rubbing shoulders with the more recently constructed buildings. Still in a state of confusion, without knowing at first, she started to walk towards her apartment. Her walk was not like she used to do before she 'died'. As she walked her head was tilted downward with her eyes glaring forward, her feet shuffled and made her body shake slightly as she steppped forward. Even though she no longer needed to breath, she still did out of instinct with breaths that were deep and long.

As she walked along she passed a Homeless man, who was dressed in a dirty old jacket, had fingerless gloves and had a small grey beard. As she walked towards him her head tilted up slightly and attempted a friendly smile. In the homeless man's eyes he didnt see a friendly smile, he saw what he thought was a complete nutcase and potentially a murderer by the blood around her mouth. Her 'smile' was more like a sadistic grin to the man, which scared the living daylights out of him. Krissy attempted to say "Hello" in a friendly manner, only for it to come out raspy, which in turn made the man mutter out 'freak' before bolting past her, trying to get as much distance as possible. Krissy felt alienated, and as she looked around for a second time she noticed the general vibe of the town had changed. Now that she was 'different' the town seemed darker and more sinister. She noticed the breeze and how it seemed to whisper at her. The trees seemed to be more witherered and lifeless, exposing sharp menacing branches. As she kept walking she encountered a dog behind a fence. At first the dog ignored her, but upon sniffing the air it began to bark furiously while leaping at the fence. With this Krissy began to walk faster.

As she got near the park she looked to the east noticing the Sunrise was beginning to creep up. Morning birds started to chirp and wake as the sun rose. The first beams of light started to protrude through the trees in the park. As she walked past the park she heard fluttering coming from the trees. When she looked she noticed the birds were flying away and that they were'nt going in any particular direction. The thing that freaked her out a bit was the fact that they were flying away in all directions, in every direction except hers. With this her breaths started to get heavier and quicker, she then began to run towards her apartment.